A personal immersive display solution for a one-to-one virtual experience

The Christie HoloStation is a visualization solution that displays up to 16.8 megapixels of data in a 3D stereoscopic, interactive, tracked environment. Offering a compact footprint, it's easy to deploy, easy to use and completely self-contained.

Christie HoloStation

A big experience in a small space.

​​​You don’t need a large space to create an immersive visualization workstation with high impact.

High-performance, low-profile

The Christie® HoloStation delivers high-resolution and high-performance 3D, with the visual fidelity of a full-size Christie CAVE, within a compact footprint. This personal immersive display solution is comprised of projection displays, screens, tracking and interactive technology. With up to 16.8 megapixels of data in a 3D stereoscopic and interactive tracked environment, this is a powerful and efficient visualization solution.

Just add power – easy set up and maintenance

The HoloStation is a completely self-contained, turnkey solution. It can be set up quickly and it is easily deployed, offering low maintenance and reduced overall operational costs. Once it is set up, there are no facility modifications required and you can expect quiet operation and minimal heat generation from the workstation. Sturdy and durable, it can be moved from location to location for shared collaboration.

The Christie HoloStation can be used in a variety of applications and sectors such as:

Features of the Christie HoloStation

  • 85 x 108 x 101" footprint
  • High-performance 3D active stereo visualization
  • Powerful, ultrahigh-resolution display
  • Based on 3​DLP® technology
  • 120Hz native frame rate of active stereo projection
  • Dual-image processing and full Dual Link DVI-D bandwidth
  • Displays up to 16.8 megapixels of data
  • Bundled with perspective head tracking and interactive tools - the content reflects the user’s viewpoint

Full service support

Our experts can help you with every step of your visualization project. Use our comprehensive services to help you design, integrate and install your HoloStation solution. Christie solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support.

Taking the next step

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