Multi-touch collaboration

High-performance collaborative visualization – right where you need it.

Christie’s six-point, multi-touch, LCD panel solution with Quad HD provides unmatched resolution and performance capabilities. This visualisation bundle accommodates the most demanding visualization requirements, including video conferencing. It is the ideal, high-performance visualization solution for research and development, government, education, business and other industries where hands-on collaboration is critical to efficient decision-making.

Christie’s multi-touch collaboration solution comes with a number of bundling options, addressing the common limitations of typical large-screen displays. This is a portable solution, with a number of viewing angles and excellent sound quality – all contributing to an exceptional collaborative experience.


  • Single-person handling – rolls easily on wheels and ships assembled on stand
  • Fits through standard door and in standard elevator
  • Adjustable screen provides proper look-down viewing angles in addition to vertical or wall-mounted
  • Can be used sitting or standing - motorized stand adjusts height easily
  • Audio and visual collaboration - two-way conferencing with integrated HD webcam
  • Enhanced audio playback with 3D sound and sub-base playback
  • Interactive touch supports Windows 8 gestures and applications for two users
  • Smooth touch/drag features with low friction glass
  • Cinema-quality experience with ultra HD resolution and high-performance processing

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