Custom Solutions

Custom solutions for visualization

From concept to virtual reality… Christie can take you there.

​​​​​​No matter what your project needs are, Christie® visualization solutions have the power and flexibility to meet your needs. Working with your team, we can match our technology to your project needs, creating a custom solution of any size or resolution to meet your design goals.

Customized visualization solutions offer:

  • Smooth, flawless images onscreen with the first and only 4K DLP® at 120Hz performance
  • Three different illumination technologies available for cost-effective performance
  • Comfortable viewing with no artifacts in 3D with high refresh rates of 120Hz
  • The ability to dive deeper into data with motion tracking and interactivity capabilities
  • Simple, immediate access to technology with turnkey solutions
  • Flexible data source management in both 2D/3D with image processing tools
  • Easy set up and simple display maintenance through our system integration tools
  • Industry-leading warranties, service and support provides consistent, reliable technology without worry

First and only 4K at true 120Hz performance

Delivering the highest DLP® resolution on the market today, Christie offers the first and only 4K DLP® projector at 120Hz performance. Based on Christie’s unique TruLife electronics, you get unprecedented image fidelity, life-like vibrant colors and up to 35,000 lumens for the brightest 3D immersive experience. This state of the art, sophisticated visualization is a quantum leap in video processing that’s 10 times faster than full high-definition bandwidth.

Customized, spatially-integrated immersive displays

Christie CAVE is a room-size visualization solution, allowing multiple users to share in the same experience simultaneously – enhancing teamwork, discovery and decision making.

Christie HoloStage® is a three-sided visualization solution that creates a completely contained, realistic, life-size virtual environment. With two walls and a floor, the HoloStage promotes learning and teamwork in an immersive environment that doesn’t need to take up the space of a full-size CAVE.


Curved immersive displays cover viewing angles up to a full 360-degree radius. These high-performance visualization displays combine advanced processing for seamless warped and blended displays that allows users to simultaneously view real-time, full frame rate monitoring of all inputs.

Large high-resolution power wall displays are ideal for group collaboration through visualization. Christie’s integrated visualization displays can use powerful single DLP 4K projection at 120Hz or an integrated arrayed solution that goes beyond single-projector limitations for stable, reliable, and powerful 2D and 3D displays.

Taking the next step

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