Christie Powerwall Displays

Taking big data analysis and collaboration to new heights

​​​​​​​​​​​​Christie’s large, high-resolution powerwall displays offer the ultimate experience for group collaboration through visualization: stability, reliability and powerful 2D and 3D content, without sacrificing ease of use and maintenance.

The big picture

Designed to bring vast amounts of complex data together for team interaction and collaboration, our custom powerwalls leverage Christie® Mirage projection technology, combined with Christie innovation and our extensive industry knowledge to create an expansive, seamless canvas for any visualization application.

The power of the wall

Christie’s powerwall displays are used in the automotive​ and oil and gas industries, as well as for national labs and academic research. Virtually unlimited configurations can be designed to meet the resolution and performance requirements of our customers. We can create a powerwall using the sheer power of the Mirage 4K as a single-projector, 3D visualization solution, or we can create a fully integrated, arrayed projection system.

Arrayed projection powerwall capabilities

An integrated, arrayed projection solution enables customers to go beyond single-projector capabilities with unlimited resolution and image quality and scale. Integration tools such as Christie Twist™ and AutoCal™, along with our custom structures, enable extraordinarily high-resolution displays that provide both 2D and 3D capabilities. When coupled with Christie Spyder image processing technology for source flexibility and the ability to manipulate content, high-performance professional visualization is not “virtual” – it’s a reality.

Full service support

Christie solutions are backed by industry-leading technical support. Plus, our experts can assist you during every step of your visualization project. Use our comprehensive services to help you design, integrate and install your high-performance powerwall solution.

Taking the next step

Contact us for more information about Christie powerwalls or request a proposal and get started today.