The Christie advantage

Innovative design. Brilliant images. Reliable performance.

​Christie® is a world leader in immersive visualization solutions. Whether it’s a custom or standard solution, our visualization technology can help change the way you think, work and learn.

What is an immersive visualization solution?

Christie visualization solutions are made up of leading-edge display technology and our expertise. We’re able to work with you to create a solution that can produce images at any size or resolution.

Researchers are able to take 2D MRI images and reconstruct them as 3D renderings of the brain. Design teams are able to interact with a prototype of a car before it’s built. Architects and engineers can visualize the design of a construction project before breaking ground. Visitors to amusement parks are blown away by an immersive experience on dark rides.

The only thing limiting you is your imagination.

What sets Christie apart

It’s not just our industry-leading technology that sets Christie apart. We’re experts in visualization. By combining out technology with our knowledge and expertise, we’re able to see the big picture – and discover the solution to your challenges.

Whether your solution requires a headtracked immersive CAVE environment with high resolution datasets or a spherical screen creating an out-the-window view of the skies, we have the experience to create it.

We’ll be involved in the entire lifecycle of your integrated, spatially-immersive display – from the designing and manufacturing through to integration and application.

Whatever you need to visualize, we can help make it happen.

Making displays bigger, better, brighter, easier

Christie visualization solutions offer limitless possibilities. You can produce images in any shape or size.

And when it comes to visualizing your data, we know factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color, brightness, and frame rates are all integral considerations. That’s why our visualization solutions include:

  • Ultra-high resolution, 3DLP® technology at 120 Hz or 1DLP solid state illumination
  • Options in lamp illumination with both Xenon and discharge lamps
  • Flexible source management with powerful image processors with 2D/3D high-performance functionality
  • Easy set-up, easy use and simple display maintenance using our system integration tools such as Christie AutoCal and Christie MotoBlend.

How can we help you visualize your data?

Contact Christie for more information or request a proposal and get started today.