From stunning image quality to high reliability, ease of use and low maintenance, superior performance is what you can expect from a Christie 3D and advanced visualization display solution.

Powered by dual image processing, the Christie Mirage Series displays full resolution at a native frame rate up to 120Hz. Two standard Dual-link DVI input cards support 330MHz bandwidth for full resolution Dual Input 3D. 

The Christie Mirage Series projectors enable three modes of 3D input for computer sources – native 3D input, frame doubled 3D input and Dual Input 3D – for maximum source compatibility and high-performance, flicker-free operation without the need of a passive to active converter. There are also three additional modes for noncomputer sources (optional input module may be required).

Combined with standard embedded Christie Twist™, and a refined user interface with an accessible, customizable menu structure, the series offers high-performance in a package that is easy to use, additional standard features, an expanded lens suite and industry-leading Christie warranties, service and support, the Christie Mirage Series is everything you need and more for high-performance 3D.

Uniquely Christie

  • Christie Twist™
    Provides the enhanced warping and expert blending required for arrayed projectors to operate as a single, uniform display. This powerful tool allows for pixels to be mapped to any projection surface with proper geometry and perfect pixel-to-pixel alignment.

  • Christie Twist™ Pro
    A single license of Christie Twist Pro supports an unlimited number of projectors per array and offers the following additional capabilities:
    • an unlimited and arbitrary number of grid lines
    • advanced edge-blending and blend masking
    • rotate and flip capabilities
    • gradient preview of edge blends
    • a brightness uniformity controller.

  • Brightness and color uniformity matching across multiple screens
    Integral for life-like reproduction of the source.

  • Digital Color Management (DCM™)
    An optical system with a very tight ± 5nm tolerance for primary colors, making multi-channel adjustments between multiple projectors an easy task to accomplish.

  • Color Temperature Control (CTC™)
    Provides the flexibility to adjust color temperature with a range from 3200K – 9300K.

  • Custom Gamma Adjustment (CGA™)
    Offers full control of gamma curves, as well as white, black and grey levels to ensure digitally accurate colors and greyscale tracking.

  • Primary Color Adjustment (PCA™)
    Provides individual RGB color matching for multi-channel applications to eliminate color variations across multiple screens for uniform, color-matched projector arrays.

  • Spatial Light Image Construction (SLIC™)
    Ensures high-quality convergence and registration between red, green and blue DMDs.

  • Lamp Power Management (LPM™)
    Lets users adjust power to the lamps for a consistent and uniform brightness from center to edge of the image.

  • High resolution
    SXGA+ – 1400 x 1050, HD – 1920 x 1080 or WUXGA – 1920 x 1200.

  • Stereo
    Includes internal scaling and up to 120Hz of active stereo (Mirage S+, Mirage HD and Mirage WUXGA series).

  • Stereo video
    With optional HD-SDI input modules (Mirage HD and WUXGA series).