To complement this desire to offer high tech solutions the Lafayette Economic Development Authority engaged Christie to assist in the building of an advanced 3D immersive visualization and supercomputing facility.
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We develop technologies that work for you.

Christie® is a world leader in integrated, spatially immersive, 3D displays. 

The Christie Mirage Series introduced the first 3​DLP 3D stereographic projectors in the industry.

Designed and developed based on  Mirage DLP® projection technologies, Christie’s solutions are powerful yet easy to use, completely customizable and scalable, and have ultra-high resolution capabilities.

Making displays bigger, better, brighter, easier

Christie 3D/visualization solutions offer limitless possibilities. You can produce images

  • in any size or shape,
  • front or rear projected,
  • spherical,
  • cylindrical,
  • conic or flat screen,
  • from small screens to large-scale dome configurations. 

Over 80 years of experience provides a lot of insight. And, our engineers put it to maximum effect. Christie’s decades-long partnership with technology display and light source leaders has resulted in the most reliable projectors in the industry, giving Christie a long history of innovation and technology leadership in the world of projection and display solutions.

Christie® is the display solution expert who solves customer problems through our optimal use of technology for visualization markets. We understand the big picture. We understand the complexities and challenges of integrating display technology into your visualization needs.

Whether a headtracked immersive CAVE™ environment with high resolution datasets, or a spherical screen creating the out-the-window view of skies, factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color, brightness uniformity, latency and frame rates – are integral considerations.

We leverage our exceptional products, knowledge and team experience to provide you with a complete integrated solution that’s reliable, effective and sustainable and that accurately addresses your requirements for high performance, high resolution visual display systems.

We listen and evaluate your needs and goals to solve specific application challenges. Christie has the innovation, technologies, engineering strength and the integration expertise to offer completely custom solutions and turnkey visual display options - we design the solution to meet your specific requirements.  Our solutions minimize your initial investment and the lifetime costs of your integrated display system.  We work together with you to deliver the most functionally advanced and intuitive visualization display solution.