Christie Presents Mirage 4K25

See Christie and its partners including TechViz, HwaCreate and ART at Booth B15
Posted 11/20/2013

Christie®, a major provider of visual solutions for business, entertainment and industry, showcases the world’s first and only 3-chip DLP® projector that offers full 4K DLP® resolution at true 120Hz, at SIGGRAPH Asia 2013 from November 20–22, 2013. Featuring the new Christie TruLife™ electronics platform, the new Christie Mirage 4K25 projector is purpose-built for 3D applications for advanced visualization in location-based entertainment, automotive, government, military, oil and gas and more.

“Christie, as the global leader in the visualization market, is the first and only projector manufacturer in the world to provide full 4K DLP® resolution at 120Hz. This industry-leading image processing performance is complemented by the world’s leading Xenon lamp technology from Ushio in Japan. With the two new Mirage projectors, including the Mirage 4K35, Christie has truly set the bar high for visualization solutions currently available on the market,” says Larry Paul, senior director of Technology and Visualization Solutions, Christie.

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