Gibson/Martelli Experimental Art in Christie 3D

What would it be like to ‘fly’ over a remote, Nordic island near the Arctic? Gallery visitors found out for themselves in an amazing, stereoscopic installation.
Posted 5/1/2015

One afternoon, Ruth Gibson discovered an intriguing place name on a map of remote Arctic islands near Norway. ‘Abandoned’ it seems, is a real place in the archipelago of Svalbard. So, when experimental artists Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli won Christie’s coveted summer artistic residency at our Canadian headquarters and got what Bruno called ‘rare access,’ to 12 Mirage stereoscopic DLP projectors, they created an ambitious work, ‘In search of Abandoned’.

The resulting piece is an immersive and interactive installation where you ‘steer’ your way over – the real – mountains, valleys and undulations of ‘Abandoned’, plotted electronically from height map data. Pared back, to their most minimal co-ordinates in black and white, and projected on walls and floor, it’s a dramatic experience that seems to surround you.

The story goes back a few years to 2010 when Bruno went on a sailing expedition, at the request of Gibson, to find 'Abandoned'. He made the journey in a 100-year-old sailing boat, and then kept the findings under wraps for three years.

Christie’s residency in the summer of 2014 then gave them the opportunity to launch a world premiere at Christie’s 3D HIVE which is located at a community hub (in an old warehouse) in Kitchener, Ontario, near our Canadian head office.

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