Weill Cornell Medical College

Christie's 3D immersive technology at Weill Cornell Medical College enables visionary breakthroughs in biomedical research. Using a four surface immersive environment including a walk-on floor gives Weill Cornell Superior 3D images for scientific research including molecular modeling, MRI and confocal reconstructions and gene network modeling.
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Image quality, performance, reliability.

Christie® visualization solutions use proven DLP® technology. Images appear crisp, clear, and true-to-life – creating a realistic experience.

Many factors affect the quality of an image. Christie’s 3DLP technology, high-quality optics and 10-bit image processing work together to create the best images. 

Superior display technology

The Christie Mirage Series:

  • is built on DLP technology
  • uses the same, proven 10-bit processing that we use in our 2K resolution products
  • supports Picture in Picture functionality
  • has simultaneous multisource stereo and/or monoviewing in either the foreground or background or in both windows
  • has built-in geometric warping and edge-blending capabilities is extremely reliable
  •  produces high brightness
  • has excellent control capability
  • delivers unsurpassed brightness uniformity and color fidelity
  • is low maintenance, with more than 65,000 hours Mean Time Between Failure

The yellow notch filter is an optional feature for all Christie Mirage J Series models. This filter is an optical color management device that produces more life-like color. You get a larger color gamut, better skin tones and richer color depth and saturation.

Lamp and solid state illumination choice

The 11-model Christie Mirage J Series combines the benefits of Xenon illumination – for the most natural color accuracy and stability - with the highest level of technology, performance and flexibility.

The Christie Mirage M Series offers dual-lamp P-VIP® and NSH illumination for crisp, detailed images, excellent color and brightness uniformity, control capability, and low maintenance. 

The Christie Mirage WU-L’s LED illumination provides precise, life-like, vibrant colors. This projector has no color wheel artifacts and is reliable. You’re ensured years of nearly maintenance-free display.

All Christie Mirage Series models are designed to be used in 3D applications for all types of immersive environments including CAVE™ systems and curved or flat screen power walls.

Advantages of Xenon lamps

Xenon lamps:

  • produce the highest level of brightness and color accuracy,
  • are the best choice for illuminating very large screens or high-ambient light environments,
  • reach full brightness faster than other lamp technologies, and
  • emit a fairly flat spectrum with relatively equal intensities at all wavelengths of the visible range, which approximates the neutral white color of natural daylight and results in relatively little color shift over time.

Advantages of discharge lamps

Discharge lamps:

  • are very efficient at converting electrical power into light,
  • can operate at low power, and
  • have a long expected lamp life.

The one-two punch of higher efficiency and longer life means that discharge lamps have a low operating cost.

Advantages of the dual-lamp, NSH system

The dual-lamp, NSH system is efficient and flexible. These compact lamps are flicker-free, bright, high performing, reliable and have a long life expectancy.


The Christie Mirage Series offers high-performance in a package that’s easy to use. You get:

  • dual- image processing
  • full-resolution display at a native frame rate up to 120Hz
  • two standard, Dual-link DVI input cards that support 330MHz bandwidth for full resolution, dual-input 3D
  • three modes of 3D input for computer sources – native 3D input, frame-doubled 3D input, and dual-input 3D 
  • flicker-free operation without needing a passive to active converter
  • a refined user interface with an accessible, customizable menu structure 
  • an expanded lens suite, and
  • Christie Twist - a tool that creates enhanced warping and expert blending for arrayed projectors, making them operate as a single, uniform display. This powerful tool maps pixels to any projection surface with proper geometry and perfect pixel-to-pixel alignment.


DLP® technology is known for being extremely reliable and low maintenance.

The Christie Mirage Series offers the broadest range of 1DLP and 3​DLP 3D, active-stereo projection in either a single projector or a multiple projector array.  

Long lamp life and a long Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) mean our solutions are built to work hard and last.

Christie’s comprehensive support services can help you design, integrate and install your visualization solution. Our products are also backed by industry-leading service and technical support.