To complement this desire to offer high tech solutions the Lafayette Economic Development Authority engaged Christie to assist in the building of an advanced 3D immersive visualization and supercomputing facility.
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Visualization Technologies

Easy, smart, innovative design based on proven technologies.

Christie’s visualization solutions are built on reliable, proven technologies for displays , image processing  capabilities and system integration tools .  Harnessing our design expertise with proven technology while understanding application requirements gives Christie a leading edge in delivering visualization solutions that are innovative, high resolution and high performance.

Christie’s  visualization display platform is reliable, DLP® projection technology.  Our world-renowned Mirage Series offers two illumination platforms based on both 3DLP and 1​DLP processing, offering the flexibility for our solution architects to perfectly match performance and function to the requirements of the display system.

The Christie Mirage J Series couples the benefits of Xenon illumination – for the most natural color accuracy and stability – with the best technology in stereoscopic digital projection today. These projectors are designed specifically for 3D applications for all types of immersive environments including CAVE™ systems and spherical or flat screen visualization walls.

The high-performance Christie Mirage M Series, built on dual P-VIP and NSH lamp illumination, features active stereo projection with advanced 3D performance and reduced overall operational costs.  

Built on solid state illumination, the Christie Mirage WU-L  DLP projector delivers visually stunning 3D displays with high WUXGA resolution and high pixel density. 

All Mirage Series models offer dual-input 3D mode for passive to active conversion that provides the highest performance 3D video content at 120Hz.

Exceptional visualization functionality - large megapixel displays at increased frame rates

The Christie Spyder X20 is a versatile hardware-based image processor combined with the flexibility of a universal routing switcher.  What separates the X20 from everyone else is its total capability package at a high frame rate.  The X20 supports up to 20 mpx bandwidth at a native 120 Hz frame rate with source inputs/outputs up to WQXGA (2560x1600) resolution combined with the capability to rotate the image for portrait mode displays.

Bringing innovation and technology together for visualization solutions

Each visualization environment brings its own set of requirements whether it’s single channel, multi-channel or an ultra-high resolution system. As one of the industry’s leading technology providers, Christie has identified these technological problems customers face and developed system integration tools to resolve and eliminate these issues.

Factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key considerations for our solution architects as they apply the technologies available to any system design. Christie’s proprietary system integration tools assist in consistent, repeat performance without worry, enabling extensive, consistent use of your visualization system with minimal downtime offering:

  • Reduced location resource requirements
  • Increased customer independence in terms of display maintenance
  • More realistic displays
  • Enhanced visual performance of the complete system
  • Optimized displays for individual applications

Christie AutoCal™ - Automatic display system calibration - expert image display adjustment capabilities at your fingertips. Christie AutoCal calibrates virtually any arrayed projection display, from flat to cylindrical to spherical, and adjusts it to its optimized viewing configuration to deliver the results you require.

Christie MotoBlend™ - Developed around Christie’s extensive experience with dynamic content utilized in today’s visualization displays, Christie’s motorized optical blending helps maximize the best of both worlds when it comes to life-like images and DLP® based displays and environments – system contrast and optimized dark scene applications.

Christie Advanced Color™ - Advanced color matching from simple to complex arrays, regardless of the level of experience.

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