Visualization Technologies

Easy, smart, innovative design based on proven technologies

​Christie’s visualization solutions are built on reliable, proven technologies. Combined with our design expertise and an understanding of application requirements, this gives Christie® a leading edge in delivering visualization solutions that are innovative, high resolution and high performance.

Christie’s visualization display platform is built on reliable, DLP® projection technology. Our world-renowned Mirage Series offers two illumination platforms based on both 3DLP and 1DLP processing, offering the flexibility for our solution architects to perfectly match performance and function to the requirements of your display system. We also offer a range of illumination choices to fit your needs:

  • Xenon illumination offers the most natural color accuracy and stability with the best technology in stereoscopic digital projection today. Projectors featuring xenon illumination are designed specifically for 3D applications for all types of immersive environments.
  • Dual P-VIP and NSH lamp illumination features active stereo projection with advanced 3D performance and reduced overall operational costs.
  • Solid state illumination delivers visually stunning 3D displays with high WUXGA resolution and high pixel density.

All of our visualization projectors offer dual-input 3D mode for passive to active conversion that provides the highest performance 3D video content at 120Hz.

Exceptional visualization functionality

Christie Spyders are the most powerful multi-screen windowing processors available. Whether you’re setting up displays for events, concerts, public spaces, or for teams who need visual solutions for applications such as video monitoring or research and development. Christie Spyder offers the performance, control and flexibility for the most demanding, spectacular experiences imaginable.

Bringing innovation and technology together

Each visualization environment brings its own set of requirements whether it’s single channel, multi-channel or an ultra-high resolution system. As one of the industry’s leading technology providers, Christie has identified technological problems, such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, and brightness, that customers face and we’ve developed system integration tools to resolve and eliminate these issues.

Our proprietary system integration tools mean you’ll get consistent performance from your visualization without worry and with minimal downtime. These tools offer:

  • Reduced location resource requirements
  • Increased customer independence in terms of display maintenance
  • More realistic displays
  • Enhanced visual performance of the complete system
  • Optimized displays for individual applications

Taking the next step

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