Executive Profile

Ihor Stech

Chief Operating Officer, Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc.

As Chief Operating​ Officer, Ihor Stech is responsible for global operations, including manufacturing, purchasing, supply chain management and after-sale services. Ihor also works with professional services and global sales to streamline Christie’s various global service offerings. His extensive operations management experience has contributed to an exponential growth in operations and manufacturing, allowing Christie® to remain on the cutting-edge of innovative solutions for business, entertainment and industry.

Ihor joined Christie in September 2000, as vice president of operations where he was responsible for the global planning, purchasing, manufacturing, logistics and service. He also ensured that Christie projection systems met manufacturing quality standards and customer requirements. Prior to joining Christie, Ihor was president of supply chain management and purchasing consulting company, Stech Business Solutions Inc., with consulting contracts in Canada, USA, Asia and Europe. Among his achievements, Ihor managed the​ purchasing department of Effem Canada; a manufacturer of famous food products such as “Mars” chocolate bar, “M&M’s” candy and “Uncle Ben’s” rice. Backed by this solid experience, Ihor helped build Mars’ presence in the Chinese and Eastern European markets through the implementation of purchasing and logistics practices that contributed to the company’s dominant position in these regions.

Ihor began his education in food science at the University of Cracow in Poland. He is a graduate of the University of Guelph where he holds a bachelor of science degree with honors in food science, and completed his Masters in food science. Ihor is an active member of the Ontario Board of Directors for Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters.​