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A first at Kinotavr: Christie Vive Audio

Sochi, Russia – (June 15, 2015) – The 26th Kinotavr Open Russian Film Festival, which drew to a close on June 14, was the tenth festival where the technical equipment for all screenings was provided by Kino Proekt. The audiovisual setup at the Winter Theatre was significantly upgraded this year, when the screen was fitted with a Christie® Vive Audio sound system for the first time.

The installation of the Vive Audio system was timed around the days of the festival screenings, and as Kino Proekt Technical Director Alexander Rubin said, the need to upgrade the sound system in the Winter Theatre had become increasingly pressing. The festival venue was not originally engineered to cope with film screenings. "The facility, constructed from stone, was designed for musical and theatrical performances, and so obtaining the right sound quality proved very difficult for us every year. This is mainly because of the acoustic properties of the auditorium, which have a marked effect on the intelligibility of speech. This year, thanks to the installation of the cutting-edge Christie Vive Audio sound system, we have managed to overcome this problem to some degree and have achieved more accurate sound, which is more faithful to the intentions of the filmmakers. Instead of employing traditional horn speakers for each behind-screen channel, we took an innovative approach whereby we set up a linear array of Christie Vive Audio speakers, allowing us to improve the direction of the sound system and equalize coverage of the auditorium."

Vive Audio employs a unique linear array design and ribbon driver technology, combined with powerful, high-performance Class D amplifiers, the first of its kind to be used in a cinema sound system. This Vive Audio setup has enabled the optimum sound perception zone to be increased by around four times compared with traditional sound systems based on compression drivers. As a result, it is possible to provide uniform sound quality throughout the entire auditorium.

In previous years, Kinotavr has employed Christie Solaria CP4230 4K DLP Cinema® digital projectors and a Christie SKA-3D processor, allowing the conversion of all kinds of alternative formats into one that is appropriate for film screenings.

The Kino Proekt team assists with the technical setup process for screenings at Kinotavr, as well as at other festivals in Russia and the CIS. Alexander Rubin, however, pays tribute to the special reverence towards Russian cinema demonstrated by the entire Kinotavr team and the festival's Board of Trustees, noting, "It greatly assists us in carefully bringing filmmakers' works to the audience. It has been our great good fortune to work together for all this time. As far as Kino Proekt's involvement goes, we will always endeavor to bring the most up-to-date film screening technology available to the festival. In this way, we hope that Kinotavr will remain a key event for the country's entire cinema community, that filmmakers will strive to get their films shown here, and that audiences will continue to look forward to the festival from one year to the next."

"Kinotavr is a major event for the Russian film industry. It's been a pleasure to watch how, over the years, our long-term partner, the Kino Proekt team, has been making such great efforts and doing such important work in Sochi to put on this momentous event," said Adil Zerouali, Christie's Regional Director for Eastern Europe and Russia. "And, of course, it's been especially rewarding to see Russian cinema being screened with Christie's audio and visual technologies this year."

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