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Baker Audio Visual builds trust and long-term relationships via quality products and impeccable customer service since 1953

When longtime Christie partner Baker Audio Visual says their slogan is ‘Live it Loud,’ they aren’t kidding. The Norcross, Georgia based company experienced Beatlemania firsthand and on the legendary band’s 1965 tour, installed the world’s first talent-facing monitor speaker, making The Beatles’ Atlanta performance the most memorable show of the tour because, for the first time, The Fab Four could actually hear themselves over the screaming fans thanks to Baker Audio Visual. The result was so effective that Beatles manager Brian Epstein said, “The sound system was excellent and without question the most effective of all during our U.S. Tour 1965.” Not a bad endorsement for a company that was only 12-years-old at the time.​​​

Baker Audio Visual customer Lockton Companies using Christie LED

As the company grew and times changed, so did the technology; leading Baker AV to spread its wings across America into immersive corporate interiors, sports stadiums, mission critical areas, training facilities and much more. Today, Baker Audio Visual’s impressive client roster includes Delta Airlines, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (the world’s busiest airport), the University of North Carolina's Kenan Stadium, the Atlanta Hawks (National Basketball Association), and Microsoft, among many.

“And I'm sure you're familiar with Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which is the most recent incredible project we’ve done,” said Jason Vasquez, project developer, Baker Audio Visual. “Although there are many projects we’ve done, it is certainly one of the most notable that we've been a part of recently, and we continue to build that relationship with them, which includes the Atlanta Falcons (National Football League) and Atlanta United FC (Major League Soccer).” Undoubtedly, Mercedes Benz stadium being named 2019 Sports Facility of the Year by Sports Business Journal is due in no small part to the contributions of Baker Audio Visual.

However, as impressive as their roster is, it’s noteworthy that many Baker AV clients are entering their third or fourth decade with the AV powerhouse. The key to this is not only delivering quality products such as Christie, but impeccable customer service that builds and maintains trust.

Baker Audio Visual builds trust and maintains strong relationship with the Lockton Companies


“Lockton is very happy with the direct view LED walls from Christie and everyone loves them,” Jason Vasquez, Baker AV. “They wanted a very large canvas where you couldn't see any seams because they view a lot of spreadsheets … we'll probably do something similar in Kansas City where we will replace a competitor wall with Christie.”

Oftentimes, the best relationships start with a fortuitous encounter and such is the case between the Lockton Companies​​ and Baker Audio Visual. Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Lockton is the largest privately held brokerage firm in America and a Christie customer.

“They (Lockton) looked us up and gave us a shot to do business with them almost six years ago and we've grown it to where we do most of their AV business across the country,” Vasquez explained.

“We started with a small footprint in Atlanta, which is their Southeast region, and our relationship with them grew from there to where we’ve worked with them at their headquarters in Kansas City, several offices in their Pacific region including San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Portland, plus several other offices spanning their national footprint.”

“We have a great relationship with them. They trust us,” Vasquez continued. “They trust the people we put out there (on the west coast) and there's certainly a great story because there's a lot of competitors in Los Angeles that were pining at the opportunity to work with Lockton but Lockton shut that door, saying they worked with Baker AV - I'm very grateful for that.”

Speaking to the Los Angeles office installation using Christie LED, Vasquez said it was straightforward with the main challenge being putting up the wall while the room was still under construction and filled with various tradespeople all trying to meet the tight deadline. He credits Christie’s Brian Lee and his team for a smooth installation, saying “he was really awesome to work with.”

“I think that this particular client - and we have many others but this one in particular - is a wonderful testament to the level of partnership that we bring to the table. A lot of people talk about partnership and a lot of people say that they want to build those partnerships, but not everyone is willing to go the lengths that Baker Audio Visual does to nurture those relationships,” added Kasie Grant, marketing manager, Baker Audio Visual.

Along with their dedication to exceeding customer expectations, the Baker AV team treats each customer like family and is with them in both good and challenging times.

No matter how well the actual installation goes, ultimately the end user is the one who will be using the product and expectations are always high.

“Lockton is very happy with the direct view LED walls from Christie and everyone loves them,” Vasquez continued. “They wanted a very large canvas where you couldn't see any seams because they view a lot of spreadsheets. They are heavily focused on sales organization, so they do a lot of War Room type scenarios and these walls really work well for them. And then we'll probably do something similar in Kansas City where we will replace a competitor wall with Christie.”

When doing any installation, the Baker AV team always considers the big picture as well as the minutiae of the project. They understand the importance of the installation as a sales tool for their client – in this case Lockton.

“They (Lockton) use it as a tool to really create a ‘wow factor’ when they bring a client in and know it can be a challenge in their industry to stand out from the competition,” said Vasquez. “So Lockton utilizes technology like the Christie canvas in a fully-immersive environment to stay a cut above the rest and highlight what they have been perfecting since 1966.”

The Baker AV team also knows that each successful installation is an opportunity to grow the relationship. After all, a successful project opens the door to more business – such as an upcoming installation at Lockton’s Kansas City head office - and referrals.

Yet even with its excellent reputation, outstanding company culture, and notable clientele, Baker Audio Visual refuses to rest on its laurels and is committed to excellence. The company recently became 100 percent employee-owned, meaning each team member has a direct stake in the company’s bright future. Jason Vasquez calls it an incredible gift and emphasized how it gives each team member a renewed sense of dedication to be better than ever.

“Although we are able to cover a broad area and many verticals, our core company strategy remains very focused: creating long-term partnerships by exceeding expectations,” Vasquez concluded.

The company’s continued growth and positive results since 1953 attest to that.