Managing environmental impact at Ushio and Christie

In October 1997, Ushio Inc. Lamp Company (Harima Division), Christie’s parent company, became ISO 14001 certified. Since then, all of the Ushio Group, including Christie offices in both Canada and the United States, have adopted an Environmental Management System (EMS).

​​​​​​​​​​​The Ushio environmental plan

As well as the EMS, Ushio also created an Environmental Action Plan (EAP). The plan spans the years 2003 to 2020 and outlines specific environmental objectives and targets for all Ushio offices and all Ushio group companies.

When completed in 2020, the EAP will have accomplished Ushio’s environmental vision of becoming a low-carbon, recycling-orientated and biodiversity-preserving company globally.


Environmental governance

All Ushio Group companies and subsidiaries also participate in an environmental governance program. This governance outlines eight rules that every organization must follow:

  1. All Ushio Group companies must conduct environmental activities.
  2. The USHIO Environmental Action Plan applies to all companies.
  3. Environmental activities are based on ISO standards or independent EMS standards.
  4. Environmental communication shall be coordinated and conducted through Ushio Green News.
  5. Ushio Green News members shall be requested to submit environmental impact figures to Environmental Performance Analyzing System (ECOSYS).
  6. The implementation status of environmental activities shall be verified by internal audits.
  7. Environmental performance figures, environmental accounting and other environmental data will be disclosed to EMS managers within the Ushio Group and in the Ushio annual sustainability report.
  8. Ushio and Ushio group executive leaders will support group environmental production activities.