Designing a Network Operations Center with the environment in mind

The Network Operations Center (NOC) at Christie’s office in Cypress, California provides technical phone support, remote monitoring and incident/change management activities for approximately 40,000 movie-theater and digital-advertising screens across Canada and the United States.

The NOC, which provides 24/7 service, was expanded in 2009. Planning for the expansion included keeping the environmental impact of the extended facility as small as possible. Here are some of the environmentally responsible ways the new NOC was built:

  • Existing building fixtures were re-incorporated wherever possible and high-quality, secondhand cubicles and furniture purchased from clearance houses.
  • Three computer rooms are equipped with re-furbished computer room cooling units, battery-backup, uninterrupted-power-supply hardware and raised floor tiles from an industry specialist that recycles data center equipment.
  • The 1750 square foot command center uses a combination of renewable​ resources: natural bamboo and 100% rubber flooring. These materials maintain a low-static environment in the NOC.

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