Location: CE Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Date: 5/30/2012 to 5/31/2012


Christie Digital Systems Canada Inc. Booth Number 734

Christie Simulation Display Solutions

Christie display technology is used in high performance simulation environments all over the world. Christie delivers turn-key solutions for high-performance simulation environments including high-resolution power walls, curved screen displays, domes and faceted displays.

Comprised of leading-edge display technology and world class system integration expertise, Christie simulation solutions can produce images in any size or shape, front or rear projected, spherical, cylindrical, on conic or flat screens, from small-team scale screens to large scale dome configurations.

Revolutionary Simulation Display Technology

The award-winning Christie Matrix StIM™ is the first simulation system to provide simultaneous and independent control over both the visible and near-IR spectrum using LED illumination. It’s the first intelligent projection system to enable real-time balancing and optimization of color, brightness and black levels on a frame-by-frame basis. And it’s the first system designed for simulation and training with solid state LED illumination – there are no consumables for a virtually maintenance-free system.

This scalable environment display system provides the unique capabilities of achieving eye-limiting resolution while stimulating Night Vision Goggles.

Christie offers a unique lamp-less illumination system for unprecedented stability and reliability. With no consumables, the Christie Matrix StIM™ features extraordinarily long life, quality and ease of service. Very low power consumption directly translates to lower operating heat, less cooling requirements and cost savings in electricity for a dramatic reduction in sustainment costs.

Christie is proud to be named as one of the MT2 2009 Top Simulation & Training Companies and, a Red Ribbon Best Programs winner with the Christie Matrix StIM™.  The Christie Matrix StIM™ was developed by leveraging “disruptive” technologies in the commercial market space, such as LED illumination, combined with Christie unique technologies and systems architecture, to enable previously unattainable levels of performance and capabilities. The Christie Matrix StIM is a “revolutionary” development in visual simulation. 

3D Stereoscopic/Advanced Visualization

Providing perspectives that are completely unparalleled, advanced visualization systems are the defining result of an intricate process that includes the meticulously detailed integration and configuration of a multitude of complex hardware components including some of the most powerful computers in the world, next-generation display systems and application-specific software with the ever-changing influence of human factors. The result is total data accessibility and interaction in a display format that provides a feeling of becoming one with the application. An immersive experience that not only changes the way people approach their workflow processes… but changes the way they think.

Christie display solutions can be found in many of today’s leading industrial companies, government departments and agencies and education institutions. These leading organizations rely on Christie for our innovative approach to developing purpose-built, reliable and efficient solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements. And once integrated, you can expect consistent, repeat performance without worry as Christie’s high product reliability enables extensive, consistent use with minimal downtime tolerance.

Christie Control Room Video Walls/Display Solutions

Christie's control room solutions accepts multiple video and data feeds, processes these sources with easy-to-use software on a networked display wall controller hardware system, and then displays your content on tiled display wall enclosures, using rear screen tiling projectors. Read more about how the Christie video wall solution works.

Christie is the only US-based company to manufacture and market complete, end-to-end display wall systems. Our "purpose-built" components give you the edge on quality and reliability. Our experience with display wall design is your edge – the Christie Edge.

Christie's video wall display products provide unsurpassed quality and reliability. From our rear screen tiling projectors, featuring advanced DLP® technology for high definition imaging, to our wide choice of display cubes and enclosures, and our versatile and reliable video wall controllers, we lead the way, today and into the future. Christie is your single source for video wall display products, setting industry benchmarks for quality and reliability.

Our experience has also taught us that the human factors inherent in digital display design are every bit as important as the technical factors. That's why you can rely on Christie to help you build display wall solutions that make sense for your industry and achieve your control room's functional objectives.

Quality, Reliability, Experience – The Christie Edge

A world leader in simulation display solutions, Christie’s has a customer-centric approach to business and a rich history of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions and providing unprecedented levels of customer service and support.

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