Solotech Trade Show en Coulisse 2012

Sound, Lighting, Video

Location: Montreal, Ontario, Canada

Date: 5/2/2012 to 5/3/2012

A visit to En Coulisse allows the end user and the seasoned professional to see, listen and try all of the new equipment offered by SOLOTECH as it becomes available in the fields of professional audio, lighting and video as well all of the new audio visual and multimedia technologies for corporate and digital signage applications. In addition to the equipment demos, En Coulisse offers a full program of conferences where the experts share their knowledge with you. ...more Information

En Coulisse is presented by SOLOTECH, a company that is recognized worldwide as a leader for its expertise in audio, lighting, video and audio visual integrated solutions for over 30 years, and features manufacturers of products, technologies and services available through SOLOTECH

Christie booth number: 28 

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