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NAB 2019

​​​​​​​​​​The success of any business can be boiled down to its relationships. Exceptional partnerships act as a catalyst for growth and success. For more than 90 years Christie has been working hard to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers and partners across the globe. We believe our partnerships have been what has made us so successful and has resulted in some of the world’s most spectacular visual experiences.

Christie highlights at NAB 2019

The evolution of one of Christie’s most transformative display technologies, Christie MicroTiles® LED was front and center in our booth, and got lots of attention. MicroTiles LED offers an uncompromising approach to develop an intelligently-designed video wall solution that eliminates the major pain points of traditional LED technology.​​

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​Laser and processing innovation

When it comes to laser illumination, Christie is at the forefront of technological innovation. Our expansive range of laser projection solutions are the perfect fit for nearly any budget or environment. For small-to-medium sized venues, the Christie line-up of 3LCD and 1DLP laser projectors such as Captiva and DS Series are a great choice, while premium applications demand higher performance solutions such as our RGB pure laser products. With our Christie Pandoras Box for content management and show control, our Christie Spyder X80 for multiscreen windowing processing and Christie Terra for transporting, distributing and controlling AV content up to 4K@60Hz video formats over 10G Ethernet networks on hand, we’ve got you covered.​

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Next steps

Whether it’s a broadcast set, live event, post-production, cinema, university, or an entirely different application, trust the experts at Christie for your next technology project. Together, we will wow your audience.

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