Christie 630-GS laser projectors inject excitement and fun for kids at Playtica

It’s the first indoor kids’ amusement park in South Korea to embrace Christie laser projection for fun-filled attractions
Posted 1/14/2019

SEOUL – (January 14, 2019) – Christie’s laser projection systems have elevated the fun and excitement quotient to a new level at a new amusement park for kids named Playtica​, by combining bright and vivid visuals with various attractions.

Christie 630-GS laser projectors mapping drawings to large screen

At Playtica, children’s drawings of sea creatures can be added to the large projection of an aquarium

Located in the outskirts of Seoul at Gyeonggi Province, Playtica is the first indoor kids’ amusement park in South Korea to employ Christie laser projection for its attractions targeted at children of different age groups. Powered by 17 ceiling-mounted Christie 630-GS Series 1DLP® laser projectors installed by Christie’s Korean partner, Underdog Studio, the projected visuals have provided much entertainment to the young visitors, immersing them in a range of fun-filled activities that can be enjoyed either individually or with multiple players.

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