Wincomn Technology brings ancient history to life with Christie visual solutions at Hunan Museum

This includes China’s first tomb projection using Christie HS Series at the famous Mawangdui archaeological site
Posted 2/23/2018

CHANGSHA, China - (February 23, 2018) - Christie®’s longstanding Chinese partner Wincomn Technology has brought ancient Han Dynasty history to life with spectacular projections using Christie visual solutions at the newly renovated Hunan Museum.


Bright and colorful projections at Lady Dai’s tomb are made possible using Christie HS Series projectors (Photo courtesy of Wincomn Technology)

Over 40 Christie 1DLP® laser phosphor projectors have been installed to deliver bright and dynamic projections at various exhibition zones in the museum, which is located in the city of Changsha. The main highlight is China’s first tomb projection at the famous Mawangdui (or King Ma’s Mound) archaeological site that houses the tomb of Lady Dai (wife of the Marquis of Dai) dating back to more than 2,000 years ago. The impressive visuals have been made possible using 14 projectors comprising HS Series and GS Series models strategically installed around the 17-meter-deep trapezoidal-shaped pit grave.

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