Christie Pandoras Box pulls the strings with the Dead Puppet Society

Posted 10/12/2018

Christie®, a leader in creating and delivering the world’s best visual and audio experiences, is pleased to be technical sponsor for the Dead Puppet Society’s production of The Wider Earth by David Morton. The award-winning drama tells the story of a young Charles Darwin’s around-the-world journey aboard the HMS Beagle – is showing at a purpose-built theatre in London’s Natural History Museum. Christie provided the Pandoras Box Players, Pandoras Box Manager and Widget Designer software to control animated projection content for the 11-meter screen, which provides a vibrant and detailed backdrop for the actors and puppets on a revolving stage.

The Wider ​​Earth blends the traditional storytelling medium of puppetry with creative sound, lighting and video elements in an impressive spectacle at the 357-seat venue located in the museum’s Jerwood Gallery. The screen depicts many of the exotic locations that Darwin explored, further immersing the audience in the action told by seven characters and 30 wooden puppets. The backdrop is a 3-way projector blend mapped to a curved canvas screen stretching over 10 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. Each projector relays its native resolution of 1920 x 1200, creating a 5000 x 1200-pixel canvas. Pandoras Box manages the warp and blend, as well as controlling the internal shutters of the projectors via Art-Net.

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