Entertainment Supply and Technologies (ES&T) delivers drive in success at Coyote Theaters, leveraging Christie projection technology

Improved business model delivers new lease on life to drive-in theaters
Posted 6/27/2016

CYPRESS, Calif. – (June 27, 2016) – With the recent opening of the new Coyote Drive In Theater, boasting four screens in Leeds, Alabama, Christie® and Entertainment Supply & Technologies (ES&T) continue to assist their clients in bringing back a modern version of an American classic entertainment venue.

“The newly-constructed Coyote Drive-In Theater and Canteen plays second fiddle to no one, including an indoor restaurant, outdoor covered pavilion, and boasts excellent projection and sound, as well as first-class food and beverage services. It is clearly a winning business model that Glenn Solomon and his executive management team have put together on behalf of Coyote Theaters,” said industry veteran Barney Bailey, president & CEO of ES&T.

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