Christie Extreme Series completes the Christie Aspect family of LCD video wall displays

Featuring 1.7-millimeter combined bezel for near seamless video walls
Posted 12/14/2016

CYPRESS, Calif. – (December 14, 2016) – Christie® welcomes the new Extreme Series​ to its Aspect family of LCD video wall panels. The new series consists of four models: FHD553-XE, FHD553-XE-R, FHD553-XE-H, and FHD553-XE-HR and include a range of brightness levels and feature an advanced electronics platform with an optional redundant remote power supply. Designed for impressive near-seamless video walls, the Extreme Series is the ultimate in viewing experience and will complete the Christie Aspect family to offer a full range of product options, including: bezel size, brightness, power, connectivity and price.

Featuring advanced panel matching, the brightness and color of each panel comes pre-calibrated, eliminating much of the image adjustments typically required when installing video walls. The Smart Light Control feature can automatically adjust the brightness of each panel for uniformity across the entire video wall and maintain consistent performance throughout its lifetime. With an OPS slot, these panels accept a variety of embedded processing modules, such as the Christie Phoenix EP, for a complete video wall solution that is perfect for critical viewing environments.

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