Helios Poland Embraces 4K Immersive Cinema with Christie Vive Audio

Posted 9/26/2015

WOKINGHAM, UK – (September 26, 2015) – Poland’s largest cinema operator, Helios, is the latest cinema chain to embrace a fully immersive large-format experience, opening a new multiplex in Lodz with 4K visuals along with Christie’s revolutionary Vive Audio with Dolby Atmos.

“Internationally, exhibitors like Helios are recognizing that cinema has evolved and digital audio championed in the 1970s needs to advance again to match the new levels of visual excellence and immersion we can offer today,” said Adil Zerouali, director of cinema for Europe, Christie. “It’s fitting that the new Helios complex is in a city famous as being the Polish center of cinematography, because the audiences here will get a world class experience.”

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