Mapping the journey of Concorde at Aerospace Bristol

Aerospace Bristol tells the vivid story of the storied aircraft
Posted 9/25/2018

With the ability to cruise at over twice the speed of sound and reach an altitude of 60,000 feet, the iconic Concorde airliner could cross the Atlantic in under three hours. Alpha Foxtrot – the last of the 20 supersonic aircraft to be built, and the last to fly – first took to the skies in 1979. Having touched down for the last time on Filton Airfield in November 2003, it lay dormant until 2017, when engineers from British Airways and Airbus carefully towed the iconic aircraft across Filton Airfield and into a new purpose-built hangar at Aerospace Bristol. It now takes pride of place in a specially constructed hangar, as the museum's star attraction. Creative production company Projection Artworks was tasked by exhibition designer Event to honour this astonishing feat of engineering, by telling the immersive tale of one of the most incredible aviation achievements of our time.

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