Vinilo Lab and Christie Pandoras Box transform a monitor into an x-ray scanner for Mazda Colombia

Posted 7/21/2016

Bogotá, Colombia – (July 21, 2016) – The Christie Pandoras Box media server played a critical role at the Mazda booth during Expomarketing 2016 in Bogotá (Colombia). The automobile brand set up an innovative system that showed the inside of a Mazda 3 as if it were seen through an x-ray scanner. The idea was conceived and executed by the Colombian company Vinilo Lab, specialists in the conceptualization of emerging technologies and the development of digital contents.

The X-Ray Scanner system consisted of a mobile 65-inch monitor positioned in portrait mode alongside the Mazda 3 in a structure that allowed the screen to slide parallel to the car, creating the effect that the monitor was scanning the inside of the car via x-rays and revealing its skeleton, safety mechanisms, design details and countless other information.

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