York University Expands Research Capabilities with Christie EGG System

The Centre for Vision Research at York uses Christie EGG to conduct research into effects of compromised peripheral vision
Posted 11/30/2015

CYPRESS, Calif. – (November 30, 2015) – The Centre for Vision Research at Canada’s York University installed the Christie® Edgeless Graphics Geometry (EGG) 3D stereoscopic visualization system in the multi-sensory integration laboratory at York, the first of its kind to be used in a research facility.


Professor Laurence Harris, director of the Centre for Vision Research, and his team were looking for a system to enable them to conduct research into the vestibular system, which regulates balance and motion. “If you’re in an unusual environment, like space or underwater, where some of your senses are compromised or give distorted information, we want to know how those senses that remain are able to continue to work. How the senses combine together will help us when driving, flying aircraft or operating in the more extreme environments of space or deep-water diving,” explains Professor Harris.

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