Christie's Customer Events Primer

Seminars provide a cost-effective way to reach a qualified audience with a targeted message. The impact of a seminar lies in its timeliness, its relevance to customer needs, and its call to action.

Inviting customers to a gathering to discuss business technology solutions is an effective way to demonstrate your expertise to several prospects or clients at one time. Also, hosting an event can be an easy and inexpensive way to develop leads or reconnect with existing customers. Attendees, in turn, can learn about possible solutions to consider for their business. Over the next few pages you’ll find some of the key components that are at the heart of every successful seminar.

Seminars tend to be viewed by attendees as an opportunity for them to obtain information about products or solutions they are considering purchasing. The location, timing, and subject matter of a seminar are all planned in advance. This gives you the time to plan your approach and develop precise messages to present to your audience. Unlike a product demonstration which focuses on product features, a seminar should concentrate on the benefits your solutions can deliver. Time is spent identifying the audience’s needs and on how the product benefits provide a solution to meet those needs. Seminars should provide key product takeaway messages to the audience, and close with a clear “call to action” or next step, motivating attendees to purchase or evaluate products.

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