Cost of Operations

An investment in Christie is returned with industry-leading technical support, reliable performance, and powerful images, reducing the total cost of operations of you projection equipment.

Today, cost of ownership is likely the most important factor in the purchase of a projection system. Here too, careful selection pays dividends.

The optical efficiency of the projector is likely the largest contributor. A high-efficiency projector requires less power for a given amount of light output, thus directly reducing ongoing operating costs as well as helping to reduce environmental footprint.

Replacements costs

The cost of replacement lamps is also a factor; the small lamps used in multi-lamp projectors usually last longer, provide redundancy and cost less to replace than the larger lamps used in single-lamp projectors – all achieving the same light output.

Air filters, which typically must be replaced regularly, are another ongoing expense; any projection system that does not require air filter offers an advantage.

Low-cost, commodity projectors don’t usually provide high performance capabilities which may actually end up costing more in the long run.

Consider all your requirements from the start

Within a defined budget, an effective projection system, regardless of its scale and size, must be bright, flexible, reliable,  and offer the performance demands of those using the technology.

For those monitoring and maintaining the projection technology dependable customer support and professional advice can mean a great cost savings.

To ensure that all requirements are achieved it is best to consider all your technology requirements up front to avoid costly upgrades or replacement purchases later.

Christie has the right solution for your project

Christie is your source for the broadest range of projectors and integrated projection systems for every application and budget. Preferred by the world’s leading businesses, Christie offers projection technologies for meeting rooms, conference rooms, houses of worship, auditoriums, broadcast studios, large and small audience events, retail advertising and much more.

Without question, Christie’s projection solutions deliver high performance, high brightness, high resolution and high contrast images. With this high performance comes exceptional ease of installation and design flexibility to meet the needs of virtually every application. With Christie’s image warping and edge-blending module, you can display virtually any image on virtually any surface.

Your investment with Christie is returned with industry leading technical, reliable performance, and powerful images.