Total Cost of Ownership

High-quality display solutions designed to cost less over time.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of your Christie® projection or display solution takes into account the purchase price of the items plus all the costs associated with the solution over its lifetime. The quality, reliability and environmentally conscious designs of Christie technologies contribute to a low total cost over the lifetime of a projector.

Christie’s formula for a low total cost of ownership

With Christie projection solutions, you get high performance and a wide range of models that are designed for a low total cost of ownership with:

  •  Built-in features - so there’s no additional equipment required; 
  •  Compatibility across platforms select models support shared accessories and reduce inventory requirements; 
  •  Low maintenance costs – with dust-sealed engines and optional dust and fog juice filters;  
  • Energy-saving features that reduce energy consumption and extend lamp life; 
  •  Network-based monitoring – to uncover maintenance requirements and potential trouble before there’s a problem; and

Taking the next step

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