ROI Calculator

Christie’s broad range of 3LCD, 1DLP® and 3DLP® display solutions offer quality and reliable performance – all backed by industry-leading warranties, service and support. Each of these factors ensures a low cost of ownership and improved return on investment.

Christie display solutions offer quality, high performance, reliability and feature-rich standards that ensure a low cost of ownership. When making a purchase decision, consider how the following factors can influence the return on investment (ROI):

  • Technology – current vs next-generation design and electronics
  • Lamp technology – 3LCD, 1DLP®​, 3DLP® and the benefits of each
  • Engine design, maintenance requirements and cost
  • Accessories – lamp and filter lifetimes and replacement cost
  • Energy-saving features – reduce energy consumption and extend life of components
  • Overall maintenance requirements
  • Warranties, service and support programs
  • Additional equipment

Only Christie delivers the best visual display solutions backed by reliability, performance and unparalleled warranties, service and support.