Christie Brio solutions

Share and do more as a team

Christie® Brio presentation and collaboration solutions remove technical barriers and enable business and academic team members to drive for results together. Designed to address common meeting, classroom and lab technology challenges, Christie Brio solutions enable work colleagues, teachers and students to wirelessly present, share and interact with each other – within the same room or across multiple locations, in real-time. When everyone is focused on the content rather than the technology, more energy can be put into clearly and confidently exchanging information and ideas. Drawing out new ways of thinking, learning as a group, establishing direction and decision-making become less time-consuming processes so individuals get more value out of the time spent studying and working as a group.

Christie Brio offers a solution for every need:

  • Christie Brio Enterprise – Integrates smoothly into a local area network for access to Internet and network services so you can collaborate securely and share high-quality content between multiple locations. Any content from devices connected to Brio Enterprise units can be shared across all the displays in the same collaboration session. Regardless of participants' geographic locations, everyone sees the same information at the same time.
  • Christie Brio Team+ – Offers the advantage of displaying original video content at native resolutions through wired video inputs. The Team+ unit has an integrated wireless access point (WAP), supporting output sources of up to 2560 x 1600 at 30Hz or 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz with HDCP.
  • Christie Brio Team – Fully self-contained and does not require access to the local area network. Individuals can quickly connect to the Brio Team unit and wirelessly share information with others in the same room. Featuring integrated Wi-Fi, AirPlay and WiDi receivers, Brio Team requires no additional drivers and has no external dongles to buy, break or lose.

Share the benefits

  • Supporting BYOD collaboration sessions – When it comes to developing and tapping into intellectual capital for academic research and business development, a secure information-sharing platform is critical to the process, while balancing flexibility in an individual’s device choice. With Christie Brio solutions, you can set up an infrastructure that allows people to use the devices they prefer in a collaboration session. View the BYOD video.
  • Automatic content layouts – Effortlessly display content using Christie Brio. Wirelessly connect to a Christie Brio unit and your content will be automatically displayed on the classroom or meeting room screen or panel, maintaining your content’s aspect ratio and resolution. View the Meeting Collaboration video.
  • Simple session management – Reduce time spent on logistics and get your collaborative session started quickly. Christie Brio solutions offer a user interface that lets you rearrange source layouts, control audio, initiate whiteboard and annotation, enable remote collaboration and more advanced functions. View the How Do You Share video.
  • Improve the audio experience – Christie Brio solutions connect to a room’s sound system, allowing participants to focus on sharing and discussing content as opposed to straining to hear audio from computer or device speakers.
  • Whiteboard and annotation – If you’re looking for the most interactive collaboration experience, Christie Brio solutions turn touch panels into shared whiteboard and annotation tools. Participants can add to or edit content, images and video in real-time using various writing and drawing tools. Map a new solution and highlight action points on the fly as ideas come together, then save the end result for later review or reference. View​ the Whiteboard video.

Christie Brio solutions were designed with the user in mind – from device connection to viewing content in-room or across locations. Once you connect your computer, smart phone or tablet to a Christie Brio unit, sharing content is quick and effortless. View​ the "Collaborate globally with Christie Brio" video​.

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales representative about Christie Brio solutions, please contact us.