An unparalleled interactive digital experience

Out of the box, this nearly seamless, turnkey multi-touch video wall solution provides everything you need to captivate your audience with an engaging interactive display.
turnkey multi-touch video wall solution

Multi-touch LCD video wall

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A unique, turnkey multi-touch solution that enables a superior and engaging interactive digital experience.

Exquisitely beautiful. Fully interactive. Simply integrated. This unique, turnkey solution includes everything you need for a multi-touch video wall. And it’s all from one source – Christie®, the leading global visual technologies provider.

Four Christie FHD551-XG super-narrow bezel, high-definition LCD panels provide an impressive 36-square-foot (3.3-square-meter), virtually seamless digital canvas. High pixel density and LED backlighting ensure your multi-touch video wall looks sharp at any distance, with controlled brightness for indoor, high-ambient light environments.

An industry-first for super-narrow bezel LCD flat panels, bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass further enhances the visual experience, making images appear crisper and more vivid. Its damage-and scratch-resistant properties mean you can place your interactive display in a high-traffic area, knowing it’s protected.

experience rich interactive dynamic content 

The Christie FHD551-XG-B1 multi-touch LCD video wall comprises:

  • High-definition digital display
    Four portrait-mounted Christie FHD551-XG 55" LCD flat panels in a 4-panel-wide x 1-panel-high array, complete with optically bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • Image processing and playback
    Christie JumpStart
  • Multi-touch interactivity
    Christie Interactivity Kit
  • Mounting systems
    • Wall-mounted model (Christie FHD551-XG-B1W): Front-accessible panel mounts and serviceable mounting frame for Christie Interactivity Kit
    • Floor-stand model (Christie FHD551-XG-B1F): Front-accessible panel mounts, serviceable mounting frame for Christie Interactivity Kit, and floor-stand structure with Christie Jumpstart compartment

Stress less, spend less with Christie

  • The multi-touch video wall ships in compact sections
  • The panels are sleek and lightweight for ease of maneuvering, mounting and installing
  • Maintenance and parts replacement are easy with modular components and a front-access mounting system
  • Reduced costs in all of these areas result in a lower total cost of ownership 

Quality and confidence in an integrated solution

Superior image quality

  • Show a ‘bigger picture’ with a nearly seamless display – the Christie FHD551-XG has a tiled bezel width of just 5.5mm
  • Display high-definition images that look sharp at any distance, with controlled brightness for indoor, high-ambient light environments – thanks to the FHD551-XG’s high-definition resolution, high pixel density and an LED-backlit screen 
  • Count on broadcast set compatibility with 3200K color temperature

The benefits of bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass

  • Impress your audience with visuals that look crisper and more vivid than non-bonded LCD displays

gorilla glass compared to standard glass 

  • Clean the display surface using any standard glass cleaner
  • Deploy your multi-touch display in high-traffic, public spaces with confidence – Corning® Gorilla® Glass is scratch- and damage-resistant so it’s the ideal protective surface

High-performance touchscreen interactivity

  • Captivate people with a dynamic and responsive multi-touch surface, powered by the Christie Interactivity Kit’s ground-breaking technology 
  • Rely on accurate and consistent multi-touch performance in high-ambient light environments 
  • Use complex, finger-based gestures such as flicking, pinching, rotating and scrolling
  • Enjoy a true multi-touch experience – out of the box, the Christie FHD551-XG-B1 allows up to ten simultaneous touches so multiple people can interact with the display at the same time

richly interactive dynamic viewing experience 

Intuitive image processing and playback

  • Easily place, scale, display and control dynamic content on your video wall using Christie JumpStart
  • Create eye-catching digital displays at full 4320 x 1920 resolution
  • Leave monthly software costs or licensing fees behind

Flexible mount options

  • Choose between a wall-mounted or floor-stand mounting system

Industry-leading service and support

All of our flat panels come standard with a three-year commercial warranty to maximize uptime and provide you with added peace of mind. Enjoy technical phone support, a discount on additional flat panels*, and on-site repair for the first year.

Plus, for an additional charge at the time of purchase, get upgrades like 24/7 technical phone support and on-site repair for the full three year warranty period. Learn more.

*Cannot be combined with other incentive programs or rebates

Native resolution
(W x H)
  • 4320 x 1920
Aspect Ratio
  • 2.26:1
Pixel pitch
  • 0.63 x 0.63 mm
Display diagonal
  • 118"
Tiled bezel width
  • 5.5 mm
Display finish
  • Optically bonded Corning® Gorilla® Glass
  • 630 nits maximum / 450 nits typical
Simultaneous touches
  • 10
Touch object
  • Finger, glove hand, any object
Minimum touch size
  • 5 mm
Average touch latency
  • 12 ms
Operating system
  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
  • 3.6 GHz
  • 16 GB


  • Wall-mounted model Christie FHD551-XG-B1W
    116.98 x 52.73 x 8.22"
    (2971.4 x 1339.4 x 208.7 mm)
  • Floor-stand model Christie FHD551-XG-B1F
    117.81 x 83.54±1 x 8.22"
    (2992.5 x 2122±25 x 208.7 mm)
  • Wall-mounted model Christie FHD551-XG-B1W
    556lbs (252kg)
  • Floor-stand model Christie FHD551-XG-B1F
    887lbs (402kg)

 For latest and more detailed specifications, refer to individual product datasheets.
1For shipping weight and dimensions, contact Christie.