Real-time media compositing

You’ve got the skills. We’ve got the tools.

Christie Pandoras Box

An award-winning family of hardware and software tools for real-time video processing and show control.

The Christie® Pandoras Box family of hardware and software tools comprises the award-winning real-time video processing and show control system. From project conception to realization – and every step between – Pandoras Box gives users complete control over the entire workflow, maximizing efficiency while unleashing creative possibilities to enable the creation of amazing visual experiences.

The Pandoras Box advantage

  • Scalable – from simple playback to live event production, Pandoras Box scales with the scope and complexity of your project
  • Product line variety – with multiple hardware and software options, there’s a Pandoras Box solution to fit any budget or any application
  • Part of a complete solution – a versatile tool on its own, Pandora's Box integrates with Christie displays and processing solutions to create an even more powerful platform for limitless creative potential.


Available in 9 languages - English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Multi-user control – Benefit from the combined efficiency of multiple, simultaneous operators.

Blind programming/Blind preview – With the multi-user feature, blind programming enables users to edit timelines without affecting the current video outputs.

True 3D environment – Pandoras Box offers a true 3D compositing space in which both objects and plane elements can be aligned for projection mapping or real-time 3D stereo playback scenarios at high frame rates.

Aeon FX engine and FireFly 3D particle system – The Aeon effects engine enables users to create and combine an almost unlimited number of dynamic effects. FireFly allows for the creation of elaborate real-time particle effects in a true interactive 3D compositing space.

Interactive content and control – The preview window is the centralized control area for compositing, warping and any kind of content interaction.

Instant warping/UV mapping – With warping integrated into the render engine, the user has direct access to manipulate free from deformations (FFD) and vertices in a 3D space to match the projected image with the physical screen setup. Furthermore, UV maps can be edited on-the-fly to arrange content accordingly.

Dynamic web browser - Any Pandoras Box layer can display HTML-based web content with full Java script support.

FluidFrame technology - FluidFrame is a signal processing algorithm that offers a smooth cross-conversion that can take any input and output framerate, supporting both interlaced and progressive sources and clips.

Console mode and advanced patching – With the dynamic layer structures, users can easily add parameters and effects to any layer. In order to facilitate the control, users can start Pandoras Box in a dedicated console mode or simply create and extend the DMX library from within the interface.

ASIO multi-channel audio – Supports ASIO audio interfaces and offers synchronized multi-channel audio playback.