Real-time media compositing

Creative. Scalable. Reliable.

Christie Pandoras Box Server

Part Number: 900-100222-XX

A full-feature software set with a powerful hardware platform for 24/7 use and maximum creative results.

Christie® Pandoras Box Server is the flagship of the Pandoras Box suite of products. It combines the full feature software set with the flexibility and reliability of a powerful hardware platform designed for maximum creative results.

It is a turnkey solution that unites state-of-the-art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. A high-quality server featuring the most powerful and versatile render-engine offers real-time compositing in 3D and allows for projection onto any shape and any surface.


  • 3D projection mapping/object import
  • Unlimited video layers/effects
  • High resolution/high frame rate
  • Matrix output channels

Hardware Models

  • LT - 480GB SSD (Raid1)
  • STD - 1,4TB SSD (Raid5)
  • PRO - 2,8TB SSD (Raid5)
  • ULT - 5,7TB SSD (Raid5)

Pandoras Box Software

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  • Server
  • Player
  • Compact Player
  • Software Player
  • Manager