MicroTiles Designer™ Help Videos

In a few steps you can see how your design will look in your space, create a simple reference diagram, and generate a bill of materials so that you can order everything that you need.

To help you use the MicroTiles Designer program to its full potential we have created a series of help videos highlighting key program features. These tutorials will show you how to create a MicroTiles wall in your desired installation environment, add and remove tiles, play content and create a bill of materials for your project.

Exploring the MicroTiles Designer workspace

The following videos provide an overview of the Designer software interface. Highlighted features in these videos include how to use panes, tabs, menus, toolbars and commands.

Creating a basic canvas

The following video tutorials illustrate how to create a canvas either manually or using the Configuration Wizard. The Home, Insert Elements, Drawing and Selecting menus are also covered.

Placing and pinning content

In these videos we teach you the step-by-step procedure for loading content onto your canvas. This includes adjusting image quality, manually controlling the number of ECUs used on the canvas and toggling tiles on and off.

Importing background images

This tutorial teaches you how to load a background image of your installation location and place a video on the MicroTiles to provide an illustration of what the array will look like when installed.

Placing and pinning video

In this video we illustrate how to work with advanced content manipulation. This includes how to preview your video or picture content against a background before pinning it inside the canvas.

Creating a bill of materials

Finally, this video outlines the steps required to generate the bill of materials (BOM) for your specific array configuration.