Integrated moving yokes and digital projector systems

Christie Nitro Solutions let you project bright, high-quality video and lighting effects onto nearly any surface.
moving digital luminaire

Christie YK50 dual-arm yoke

Part Number: 131-003104-XX

The Christie YK50, a small, dual-arm yoke, supports the Christie LX700 projector, offering a 7,000 ANSI lumens LCD option for moving video projection. The combination of the Christie YK50 with the projector gives you bright, realistically colored, moving digital images, lighting and video displays – ideal for any small- to mid-size venue where space is limited or less brightness is needed, such as casinos, lobby displays, churches and planetariums.

Projector movement and control is managed using DMX512 protocol that lets you integrate and control lighting equipment and video projectors easily with the same console. These versatile yokes can be flown, rigged or set up at floor level, according to your application needs.

The Christie YK50 is an affordable creative option letting you use a moving digital luminaire instead of traditional lighting effects.


  • Supports Christie LX700 – 7,000 ANSI lumen LCD projection
  • Integrate, move and control through DMX512 protocol 
  • Pan, tilt, focus, zoom and keystone with repeatability and accuracy 
  • Fly, rig or use as floor display
  • includes DMX lens control for 1.8-2.4:1 zoom lens

Christie Nitro Solutions make it easy for you to move video and lighting effects for more creative and unique displays and shows.


 DMX lighting console controls lights, luminaires and video projectors.

Christie Nitro Solutions are backed by Christie’s industry-leading warranties, service and support.

Can be used with the following projectors:

Christie LX700

Pan & Tilt Movements
  • High resolution (low backlash) DC servo motor
Yoke movement
  • Pan movement  - 16 bits – 10 Arc Mn 365°      
  • Tilt movement - 16 bits – 10 Arc Mn 270°
  • Use as static floor display (upright) or truss mounted with rigging clamp
  • Standard DMX512 Protocol


DMX data
  • XLR 5 pins in and out


DMX lens control
  • Include DMX lens kit for 1.8-2.4:1 zoom lens
Video signal 
  • HDMI


Video resolution 
  • XGA 1024 x 768


  • 25.6 x 21.7 x 27.6" (650 x 550 x 700 mm)
Weight (YK50 only)
  • 55.1lbs (25kg)


Weight (YK50 + projector)
  • 81.6 lbs (37kg)


  • Yoke only: 40 dBA at full speed
  • Projector only: 39 dBA (normal mode)
Operating current (YK50 and projector)
  • 8.55A (max)


Operating voltage (yoke only)
  • Europe: 240 VAC @50/60 Hz
  • US: 110 VAC @50/60
Operating current (without projector)
  • 3A (max)


  • 32-113°F (0-45°C)


Power connector
  • 20A


Christie YK50 DMX parameters (Channel/parameter)
  1. Pan high
  2. Pan low
  3. Tilt high
  4. Tilt low
  5. Pan / tilt motor mode
  6. Yoke functions access
  7. Video function