Christie Mystique

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Christie Mystique

Christie Mystique

Spectacular experiences. Simple solutions.

​​​Christie® Mystique makes it simpler to create spectacular visual experiences by applying our expertise, knowledge and technology to support the design, installation and operation of complex projection systems.

Complete solutions

A full suite of software, hardware and services, Christie Mystique removes the technological constraints of fulfilling complex multi-projector display systems. With Christie Mystique, integrators can de-risk projects with pre-installation modelling and testing before any hardware is actually installed. When the display system is ready to integrate, Mystique’s automatic blending and warping capabilities make installation a breeze. Once the installation is up and running, Mystique helps keep the system calibrated and looking great with powerful automatic re-alignment tools.

Design. Install. Operate.

Built-on the phases ​of Design, Install and Operate, each facet of Christie Mystique solves specific challenges that are encountered when fulfilling complex multi-screen, multi-projector blended systems such as those used in theme parks, dark rides, 3D and sports venue projection mapping, dome theaters and more.

Mystique Design  

Mystique Design is the first step in creating next-generation visual experiences. Combining sophisticated software tools and the knowledge and expertise of Christie staff, Mystique Design helps integrators and clients design, validate, simulate and visualize complex projection systems.

Mystique Install  

Mystique Install - As a visual system scales in scope and complexity, so do the challenges associated with integrating it into your application. Mystique Install comprises software tools and services to successfully stage, install, calibrate and maintain​ complex projection systems that employ multiple projectors and screens.

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Mystique Operate  

Mystique Operate​ - Maintaining display quality day after day is paramount. With Mystique Operate, we provide integrated software tools and system level monitoring capabilities to ensure the overall system quality is maintained over its lifetime.

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