Invisible, real-time auto-alignment for blended displays

Automatically monitor, detect and correct any misalignment with Christie Guardian

Christie Guardian

Stays vigilant so you don’t have to.


A powerful optional feature of Christie​® Mystique™ Essentials and Pro Venue Editions, Christie Guardian constantly monitors a blended projection system for any misalignment. If Guardian detects a misalignment, it automatically calibrates the image in real-time, quickly, invisibly, and without interruption, even when content is playing. Because Guardian eliminates the need for visible structured light patterns, audiences are unaware of any problem.

Unique to Christie, Guardian is exclusively available on Christie Boxer 4K20, Boxer 4K30, Crimson Series, D4K40-RGB, Mirage 304K, Mirage HD25, Mirage WU25 and Mirage SST​ projectors.

Watch: Guardian overview