Automatic alignment and blending in minutes

Eliminate the challenges and expertise required to align, warp and blend complex multi-projector arrays with Christie Mystique Install.

Christie Mystique Install

Get up and running in no time


As visual systems scale in scope and complexity, so do the challenges associated with integrating them into your application. Multi-projector arrays and complex screen setups require expert configuration, alignment, warping and blending. Christie® Mystique Install includes advanced camera-based alignment tools, software, hardware and services required to successfully stage, install, align and calibrate complex, multi-projector visual arrays.

Christie offers four editions of Mystique Install. Each edition is designed for specific market applications and can be tailored to your project’s exact needs


Mystique Install - Essentials Edition – Ideal for projection stacking and simple blending on flat screens and surfaces.


Mystique Install – Pro Venue Edition – Easy-to-use projection stacking and blending on flat and curved surfaces. The Marked surface feature allows for easy alignment on surfaces such as basketball courts, ice rinks and stage shows.


Mystique Install - Premium Edition – Easy blending and warping on flat, curved and custom shaped screens. Also includes electronic black level blending as an optional feature.


Mystique Install - Large Scale Experience (LSE) Edition – The LSE Edition features advanced multi-camera, marker-based projection warping and blending on flat, curved and custom shaped screens. Electronic black level blending comes standard.