Automatic alignment and blending in minutes

Eliminate the challenges and expertise required to align, warp and blend complex multi-projector theme park rides and giant screens with Christie Mystique Install – Large Scale Experiences Edition.

Christie Mystique Install - Large Scale Experience Edition

Part Number: 900-100275-XX

Camera-based alignment for theme park rides and giant screens

Christie® Mystique Install – Large Scale Experience (LSE) Edition provides the ultimate level of control for the most demanding multi-projector systems. Designed specifically for theme park dark ride attractions and giant screen blended projection systems, Install — LSE Edition provides multi-camera warping and blending for projection stacking​ and edge blending​ along with advanced content layout modes to ensure the highest image quality.

Working in conjunction with Christie Twist​, LSE Edition can accurately align and maintain content across multiple projectors in minutes.





Electronic black level blending

Electronic black level blending (EBLB) improves visible blend areas (the area where two or more blended projectors overlap) to produce more uniform and consistent black levels across the entire image. EBLB is standard with Mystique Install – Large Scale Experience Edition.

Projector centric layout mode

Projector centric layout mode allows content to be rendered to the eye-point of the individual projectors and then fine-tuned with Mystique Install to correct for minor discrepancies in the physical position of the projectors. Because this mode allows content to be rendered from the eye-point of the projector, minimal warping is required. This preserves the quality of the image because it only applies small warps to correct for position drifting that can occur over time.

Dual screen mode

To deliver the best quality experience, content for high-end applications will often be rendered specifically to a 3D model of the attraction being built. But what happens when the 3D model doesn’t match the physical deployment? Often, even slight variances in the optimized model and the physical model can cause inaccuracies in alignment.

Dual screen mode can account for these differences by comparing the optimized model to the physical deployment, typically created using a laser scan of the site, and adjust the system warp to match the physical screen.

This is ideal for customers wishing to deploy the same content to multiple sites or screens within an attraction. Customers save time and money by rendering content once to the optimized screen and Christie Mystique Install – Large Scale Experience edition will adjust for any physical differences between sites.

How it works

Supported screen types



Playing surface
projection mapping



Dark ride

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Time to blend and stack:System auto-calibrates in less than ​two minutes per projector
User interface:Microsoft Windows application
Electronic black level blending:Standard feature
Expanded projection array capabilities:Multi-camera based automatic warping and blending, combined with advanced content modes to provide near perfect image quality.
Screen model support:Flat screens, curved screens with a curvature of up to ± 70 degrees, custom screen models


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