Projector Blending & Stacking

Edge blending and stacking multiple projectors in an array makes it possible to create very bright, high-resolution displays. By using powerful tools such as Christie AutoStack™ or Christie Twist™, you can precisely control multiple, edge-blended images seamlessly, quickly and easily.

Using multiple projectors for one display creates large, bright, detailed and truly eye-catching images. But, when projected images overlap there’s often a visible band across the display. By edge blending, the video signal from one projector is gradually faded out through the banded zone, while the adjacent projection or “channel” is faded up – eliminating the appearance of banding. This edge blending is especially effective when showing movement with long rows of projection or in drum theater where object movement is displayed across a 360° field of vision.

Christie AutoStack™ or Christie Twist™ can precisely control multiple, edge-blended images seamlessly and warp displays on virtually any projection surface – quickly and easily. Add the optional AutoStack Curve module to Christie AutoStack and you can just as easily project onto curved screens.

All Christie 3-chip DLP® projectors feature built-in edge blending capabilities.

Christie’s stacking kit lets you stack up to three xenon 3-chip DLP® projectors (equipped with a 1.0kW or 1.2kW lamp) into a lightweight, sturdy frame. Customers with existing stacking mounts and hardware can use the same equipment with the new Christie J Series models. That means that you can effortlessly stack a Roadster S+20K with a Roadster S+22K-J, for example.

The Christie M Series Roadster models have been designed with stagers in mind.The Roadster S+10K-M, Roadster HD10K-M and Roadster WU12K-M ship equipped with a stacking frame. This stacking frame is also available as an accessory for other M Series models.

Hybrid stack

The stacking frame can also connect to the integral rigging points on any Roadster model for a hybrid stack with a model that uses a 1.0kW or 1.2kW xenon lamp.