3D Projection

Christie makes it easy to future-proof your investment by being the first in the industry to offer full 3D upgrade paths for new and already deployed 3DLP® (2D) systems.

Whether you need 3D capability today or tomorrow for your classroom, home theater, meeting room, or live event, Christie makes it easy to future-proof your investment by being the only projector manufacturer to offer full upgrade paths for select
3DLP® 2D projectors to Mirage Series (3D) models. This factory service upgrade adds advanced 3D capabilities to most models in Christie’s 0.95" 3​DLP® family of products.

Choose from the following upgrade kits according to your projector model:

Part Number 3D Kit Upgrades for M Series
118-117100-XX Christie DS+6K-M to Mirage  
118-118101-XX Christie DS+10K-M* to Mirage 
118-119102-XX   Christie HD6K-M to Mirage
118-120104-XX Christie HD10K-M* to Mirage  
118-121105-XX Christie WU7K-M to Mirage 
118-122106-XX Christie WU12K-M* to Mirage 

*Also applies to the Roadster version of this model.

Part Number 3D Kit Upgrades for DS+ Series
104-140106-XX  Christie DS+6K to Mirage
104-144100-XX Christie Roadster S+12K to Mirage 
104-146102-XX Christie Roadster S+16K to Mirage 
104-147103-XX Christie Roadster S+20K to Mirage  

Part Number 3D Kit Upgrades for HD Series
104-142108-XX  Christie HD3K/HD2Kc to Mirage
104-145101-XX Christie Roadster HD18K to Mirage  
104-141107-XX  Christie HD6K to Mirage
104-143109-XX Christie Roadster HD12K to Mirage 

Part Number 3D Kit Upgrades for J Series
132-101103-XX Christie DS+8K-J to Mirage
132-103105-XX Christie  Roadster S+14K-J to Mirage
132-105107-XX Christie  Roadster S+18K-J to Mirage
132-107109-XX Christie Roadster S+22K-J to Mirage
132-102104-XX Christie HD7K-J to Mirage
132-104106-XX Christie  Roadster HD14K-J to Mirage
132-106108-XX Christie Roadster HD16K-J to Mirage
132-108100-XX Christie  Roadster HD20K-J to Mirage
132-109101-XX Christie  Roadster WU20K-J to Mirage