Undisputed performance

Designed from the inside out to punch above its weight class, Christie Boxer Series projectors deliver unrivaled performance for high-impact rental staging and large venue events.

Christie Boxer Series

High-performance 3DLP projectors in 2K and 4K


The Christie® Boxer Series of 3DLP® projectors represents the smartest, brightest and lightest high-performance, professional projectors in the market. Including a host of smart monitoring features, single-phase power, built-in warping and blending, omnidirectional capabilities, a full-range of connectivity and Christie TruLife electronics, the Boxer Series packs a punch for high-impact visual events.


Projector name Resolution Center
Contrast Illumination
Boxer 2K202K20,0002000:14x450W NSH
Boxer 2K302K30,0002000:16x450W NSH
Boxer 302K30,0002000:16x450W NSH
Boxer 4K204K20,0002000:14x450W NSH
Boxer 4K304K30,0002000:16x450W NSH

Available in multiple software configurations, the Boxer Series provides customers with various options based on budget, brightness and resolution requirements. With configuration choices like 2K or 4K resolution, brightness ranging from 20,000 – 30,000 lumens and refresh rates of 60Hz or 120Hz, combined with performance upgrade paths, customers only pay for what they need today, while securing their investment into the future.

A new market paradigm

Optimized to deliver an exceptional user experience, Christie Boxer Series comprises the most profit-focused professional projectors available. Our latest innovation offers you low cost of ownership, higher return on your investment and future proofs your fleet - now that's a knockout.


It's the brightest, lightest and smartest projector at 160 lbs.

Ships with lamps installed requiring no lamp alignment.



Improves design options for flexibility of installation.


Smaller & Lighter

Reduces shipping and labor costs.


Single-Phase Power

Single-phase power reduces set-up cost and complexity.



Integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) allows for lamp information tracking in the projector or on the shelf.


Preview Screen

Obtain at-a-glance status updates on lamp hours, voltage, temperature, any warnings or errors, system IP address display and thumbnail images for any connected source.


Go further

Available point-to-point fiber direct connection to the projector with Christie Link.

Superior performance

  • Extend your source options and flexibility with a full range of input connections:
    3G-SDI, DisplayPort, HDBaseT, DVI and HDMI inputs as well as a high bandwidth multi-input card (HBMIC) with fiber connector.
  • Christie TruLife® processing ensures stunning color reproduction for both 2K and 4K
  • Expert image manipulation with built-in warp and blend functionality
  • Compatible with the Christie Mystique suite of software, hardware and services for multi-projector arrays and complex screen setups, including Mystique Install advanced camera-based alignment and projection mapping calibration tools
  • Supports Christie Guardian invisible, real-time automatic blended-image correction even when content is playing
  • Convenience lighting for easy access and peace of mind in dark environments
  • More than double the life of Xenon lamps means less consumables and big savings
  • Ready for spectacular visual experiences with 2K and 4K
  • Delivers exceptional HD image quality using Christie's enhanced HD upscaling

We’re here to support your investment

Backed by Christie's industry-leading warranties, service and support, you can feel confident investing in Christie Boxer. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak to a Christie sales representative, please contact us.



Mystique Install auto-alignment and blending is directly compatible with all Christie 3DLP projectors. Compare the four Install Editions in the Christie Mystique Install Comparison Chart.

Christie Mystique