Long-lasting brightness and color. Rock-solid reliability.

High-brightness 3DLP laser phosphor projectors for large venues and staging events.

Christie Crimson Series

3DLP laser phosphor projection

Take on any large venue or staging event with the Christie® Crimson Series of high-performance, 3DLP® laser phosphor projectors. Comprising an expanding range of high-brightness solid-state laser projectors, the Crimson Series is engineered to withstand the rigors of demanding, high-usage applications.​

Projector Name Resolution ISO
Contrast Illumination
Crimson HD251920 x 1080Up to 23,3002,000:1Solid state (laser phosphor)
with BoldColor Technology
Crimson WU251920 x 1200Up to 25,0002,000:1Solid state (laser phosphor)
with BoldColor Technology

Rugged, reliable and low-cost

Designed with the technician in-mind, the Crimson Series is built-tough and is easy to ship, handle and install thanks to its compact form factor, quiet operation and 360-degree orientation. Featuring an IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source, Crimson projectors provide years of reliable, low-cost and virtually maintenance-free operation.

Big, bright and bold visuals

Featuring proprietary Christie BoldColor Technology, these high-brightness laser phosphor projectors produce big, bright and intensely colorful images for amazing visual experiences.

Advanced electronics and processing

Crimson projectors offer the advanced features you expect from Christie. Take advantage of the ultra-fast processing of Christie TruLife electronics and built-in warp and blend capabilities of Christie Twist.

No need for new lenses

Do you have Christie J and M Series lenses in your inventory? The Crimson Series is completely compatible with all existing J and M Series lenses for even more versatility and cost savings. ​

Christie BoldColor Technology FAQ

Christie BoldColor Technology FAQ

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Anatomy of a laser phosphor projector

Anatomy of a laser phosphor projector

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