Bright, detailed images from compact DLP® projectors

The Christie DS+ Series offers exceptional image quality and detail from a line of compact DLP® digital projectors for pure presentation power.
Christie DS+ Series 3-chip DLP Projector

Christie DS+ Series DLP® projectors

3-chip SXGA+ DLP® xenon lamp digital projector series

The Christie DS+ Series offers exceptional image quality and detail from a line of compact DLP® digital projectors for pure presentation power. The smallest, high-performance 3-chip DLP® projector on the market, the Christie DS+ Series offers a range og 6,500 to 18,000 ANSI lumens and provides the pinnacle of image color accuracy and adjustability – in an easy to use, flexible format.

Projector Name Resolution Lumens Contrast Illumination
Christie DS+6K* SXGA+ 6,500 2,000:1 1.0kW CERMAX® Xenon
Christie DS+8K SXGA+ 8,500 2,000:1 1.2kW CERMAX® Xenon
Roadster S+12K* SXGA+ 12,000 2,000:1 2.0kW Xenon Bubble
Roadster S+16K* SXGA+ 16,000 2,000:1 2.4kW Xenon Bubble
Roadster S+20K* SXGA+ 20,000 1,800:1 3.0kW Xenon Bubble

*3D Upgradable

The Christie DS+ Series features SXGA+ resolution and a variable contrast ratio of 1600-2000:1 for brilliantly crisp, detailed images. With DLP® technology, highquality optics and 10-bit image processing the Christie DS+ Series is ideal for applications that require big, bright displays.

Competitive advantages

  • Smallest, high-performance 3-chip DLP® product – offers the pinnacle of image color accuracy and adjustability
  • CERMAX® Xenon lamp system – provides repeatability of photo-realistic colors and ability to accurately color-match images
  • True 10-bit processing – offers high-bandwidth signal processing
  • High Contrast Ratio – at 1600-2000:1 via internal adjustable aperture (450:1 ANSI min)
  • 3D Upgrade kits available

The Christie DS+ Series will respond to almost any kind of control in the projection world including RS-232, RS-422, IR remote, wired remote, two way controller, direct control panel input and over a LAN via on-board ChristieNET.

Best price-performance on the market, most reliability, lowest cost of ownership, best warranties available and renowned customer service all add up to peace of mind with Christie.

The Christie DS+ Series – easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain.

Display Technology

Featuring high-quality DLP® technology, the Christie DS+ Series has proven to be the world’s favorite 3-chip, DLP® projector series. Highly reliable, low maintenance, DLP technology delivers high brightness and uniformity, unsurpassed color and control capabilities. The 3-chip SXGA+ engines are driven by Xenon illumination and deliver superior image quality and color repeatability.

Image Quality and Processing

With 10-bit image processing, the Christie DS+ Series offers high bandwidth signal processing, supporting functionality such as Picture in Picture and seamless switching between sources.

Image Blending

For added ease of blending in tiled applications, Digital Black Level Adjustment lets you match the blended (gutter) black levels with the nonblended black levels – whether multiple projectors on a single screen, or multiple screen displays.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) makes operation and set-up of the entire Christie DS+ Series uncomplicated. The GUI enables full and easy control of the projector. Multiple control options let you choose what’s best for your application – built-in IR and wired remote keypad; RS-422 or RS-232 control; or through ChristieNET via the Ethernet port. Motorized lens functions provide power focus, zoom, horizontal and vertical offset – all at the touch of a button. Auto set-up instinctively recognizes sources and sets up correct brightness, contrast and position.


Operation and maintenance of this Series is easy as well. Field-alignable DMDs and a cleanable optical engine put full control in the hands of the user. Replacement lamp costs are low and Christie offers the best warranties on the market – 2 years parts and labor (excluding lamp).


With either 1.0, 1.2, 2.0, 2.4 or 3.0kW the Christie DS+ Series features user-replaceable, CERMAX® Xenon pre-aligned lamp modules with adjustable lamp power for lower brightness. The stable color temperature over the course of the lamp life and the power range provides the best lamp technology for color matching across multiple screens.

Contrast Ratio

The Christie DS+ Series features a contrast ratio of 1600-2000:1 full field (450:1 ANSI minimum). With the motorized IRIS, you can adjust for high contrast ratio and better black levels, making these projectors ideal for any given application.

Lense Suite

An optional suite of specifically-designed high performance lenses includes both fixed and zoom lenses ranging from 0.73:1 through to a 7.3:1 zoom and features a durable lens mount with motorized horizontal and vertical offset. With built-in light shutter, internal variable contrast aperture and quick lens insertion, the Christie DS+ Series is easy to work with.


The Christie DS+ Series offers installation flexibility and compatibility with any data, video or HDTV source in use today, from VGA to QXGA. The multi-standard video decoder and, horizontal and vertical scaling of all inputs gives you the ability to connect to virtually anything.

  • RGBHV/YPbPr via 5 BNC
  • DVI-I for digital/analog RGB/YPbPr (HDCP)
  • One composite video, one S-Video
  • Two optional slots for analog/digital modules
  • 2 RS-232 ports, 1 RS-422 port and 1 GPIO port
  • On-board ChristieNET connectivity (RJ45)
  • Built-in backlit keypad and IR remote control