1080 HD DLP® digital projection done right

The Christie HD Series offers the broadest range of the brightest full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution DLP® projectors on the market today.
Christie HD Series 1080 HD 3-chip DLP Projectors

Christie HD Series 3chip DLP® projectors

3-chip HD DLP® xenon lamp digital projector series


The Christie HD Series offers the broadest range of the brightest full 1920 x 1080 HD resolution projectors on the market today. Lighter, lower power consumption and 10% brighter than the competition – Christie is HD resolution done right. Ranging from 2300 to a brilliant 18,000 ANSI lumens, each of the eight projectors in this series offers the highest lumens per pound, full HD resolution and proven 3-chip DLP® technology with Xenon® illumination.

Projector Name Resolution Lumens Contrast Illumination
Christie HD2Kc 1080 HD 2,300 2,000:1 500W CERMAX® Xenon
Christie HD3K* 1080 HD 3,000 2,000:1 500W CERMAX® Xenon
Christie HD5Kc 1080 HD 5,000 2,000:1 1.0kW CERMAX® Xenon
Christie HD6K* 1080 HD 6,500 2,000:1 1.0kW CERMAX® Xenon
Christie HD7Kc 1080 HD 6,500 2,000:1 1.2kW CERMAX® Xenon
Christie HD8K 1080 HD 8,000 2,000:1 1.2kW CERMAX® Xenon
Roadster HD12K* 1080 HD 12,000 2,000:1 2.0kW Xenon Bubble
Roadster HD18K* 1080 HD 18,000 2,000:1 3.0kW Xenon Bubble

*3D Upgradable

The Christie Roadster HD18K is the brightest HD projector with a compact design and built-in rigging points and handles. The HD resolution provides the versatility of displaying both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios without losing any content. It makes installation and use more flexible.

Competitive advantages:

  • True HD resolution (1920 x 1080)
  • Smallest, high-performance 3-chip DLP® product – offers the pinnacle of image color accuracy and adjustability
  • Xenon lamp system – provides repeatability of photo-realistic colors and ability to accurately color-match images
  • True 10-bit processing – offers high-bandwidth signal processing
  • Highest contrast – at 1600-2000:1 (via internal adjustable aperture)
  • Brightest HD 3-chip DLP® in the world
  • RoadTools™ (FREE)
  • Sealed DMDs
  • Best cost of ownership
  • Broadest HD 3-chip DLP® line-up, ranging from 2300 lumens to 18,000 lumens
  • 3D Upgrade kits available

The series features a variable contrast ratio of 1,600-2,000:1 for crisp, detailed images and low black levels. A suite of high-quality lenses specifically designed to increase image sharpness, gives you impeccable control over your images.

The addition of a yellow notch filter creates greater separation between the primary colors, enhancing the Christie HD2Kc, HD5Kc and HD7Kc models with richer color depth.

The Christie HD Series offers a native HD format combined with high resolution, high brightness and a compact package – for applications where image quality, color and clarity are paramount. When the images need to speak volumes, the Christie HD Series delivers high brightness, excellent color and detailed displays.

Display technology

With low maintenance and highly reliable DLP® technology, the Christie HD Series delivers:

  • High brightness
  • Unsurpassed color
  • Brightness uniformity and
  • Control capabilities in a native widescreen format

Image quality

The 3-chip 1080p engines are driven by Xenon illumination and deliver superior image quality, repeatability of colors and, the ability to edge blend and tile images – whether multiple projectors on a single screen, or multiple screen displays. The addition of a yellow notch filter in the Christie HD2Kc, HD5Kc and HD7Kc models allows greater separation between primary colors for richer color depth and a film-like color experience.

Proven 10-bit native HD processing

Utilizing the proven 10-bit processing that’s in our 2K resolution products, the Christie HD Series of projectors continues to exceed customer expectations in image quality and reproduction. High bandwidth supports additional functionality such as Picture in Picture and seamless switching between sources.

Ease of use

High performance optics with a wide range of lenses allows for use in multiple types of installations. The intuitive menus, easy lamp and filter access, as well as the reliability instilled by field-proven power and processing components, are all designed to give the user peace of mind.

High performance

Christie-designed electronics with HD 4:4:4 capabilities and Digital Black Level control that can be used with built-in edge blending are key strengths that this product family brings with it. Additional features include seamless switching, Picture in Picture, LiteLOC™ and the ILS™ (Intelligent Lens System) for zoom and focus. The built-in RJ45 networking port also allows the 1080p HD family to utilize ChristieNET™ for monitoring and control to give the user complete asset management. The video processing, with artifact free video and excellent color and contrast, will produce unparalleled images.

Enhanced film-like color reproduction

Christie offers the Christie HD2Kc, HD5Kc and HD7Kc models with color correction to project richer colors and film-like experience.


With 500W, 1.0kW, 1.2kW, 2.0kW and 3.0kW of power, the Christie HD Series features user-replaceable, pre-aligned Xenon lamp modules with adjustable lamp power for lower brightness. The stable color temperature over the course of the lamp life and the power range provides the best lamp technology for color matching across multiple screens.

Stacking cage

Stacking cages are available as options on the HD2Kc, HD3K, HD5Kc, HD6K, HD7Kc and the HD8K allowing for easy and fast stacking. Hybrid stacks are available for use between the HD Series and our Roadster models as well.


A suite of specifically-designed lenses are available. includes both fixed and zoom lenses ranging from the 0.67:1 through to the 6.9-10.4 and features a durable lens mount with motorized horizontal and vertical offset. With quick lens insertion, the Christie HD Series is easy to work with.

Sealed light engine

The light path is a critical element in the performance of a projector. Contaminants not only degrade performance in terms of the image quality but also effect costs relative to maintenance and service. Christie projectors provide a sealed light engine to minimize the effects of dust and smoke.

Enhanced power

Christie RoadTools™ is a FREE robust suite of software tools that enables users to set up systems faster, manage their projectors better and increase their productivity. RoadTools™ works with 3-chip DLP® and 1-chip DLP® projectors using Christie’s exclusive KoRE™ technology electronics.


Operation and maintenance of the Christie HD Series is easy as well. Field-alignable DMDs and a cleanable optical engine put full control in the hands of the user. Replacement lamp costs are low and Christie offers the best warranties on the market – 2 years parts and labor (including light engine). With the addition of a dust-sealed DMD system, your maintenance remains low with Christie HD products.