Flexible, efficient 3DLP digital projectors

We’ve designed the Christie M Series, a flexible, efficient line of 3DLP digital projectors, with your needs in mind. We’ve thought of it all, put it into a sleek, compact chassis and provided you with a full set of options.
Christie M Series 3-chip DLP Projectors

Christie M Series

3DLP dual lamp digital projectors


Deployed the world-over in every projection scenario imaginable, the Christie® M Series is a true industry icon. Now you get even more with upgrades to this hallmark projector series. Benefit from enhanced performance, longer lamp life, increased flexibility and the quality you expect from Christie.

Designed with your needs in mind, the Christie M Series is a powerful, compact and efficient line-up of 3DLP® dual-mercury projectors. Available in a range of brightness levels and resolutions and backed by Christie’s industry-leading warranties and support, the Christie M Series continues its legacy as the industry workhorse.

Projector Name Resolution Center
Contrast Illumination
Christie HD10K-M*1080 HD11,000Up to 10,000:1Dual 350W P-VIP
Christie HD14K-M1080 HD13,500Up to 2,500:1Dual 450W NSH
Christie WU12K-M*WUXGA11,550Up to 10,000:1Dual 350W P-VIP
Christie WU14K-MWUXGA+14,000Up to 2,500:1Dual 450W NSH
Roadster HD10K-M*1080 HD11,000Up to 10,000:1Dual 350W P-VIP
Roadster HD14K-M1080 HD13,500Up to 2,500:1Dual 450W NSH
Roadster WU12K-M*WUXGA10,500Up to 10,000:1Dual 350W P-VIP
Roadster WU14K-M*WUXGA+14,000Up to 2,500:1Dual 450W NSH

*3D upgradable

Ranging from 2600 center (2360 ANSI) lumens (single lamp, 200W) to 14,000 center (12,500 ANSI) lumens (dual lamp, 450W), each Christie M Series projector offers high efficiency and low cost of ownership by operating at 1500W (450W lamp) – giving you full brightness while using less power.

The Christie M Series platform includes four resolutions, WXGA (1366 x 768), SX+ (1400 x 1050), HD (1920 x 1080) and WUXGA (1920 x 1200), all with a variable contrast ratio of 2500-10,000:1* (full on/full off) / 650:1 ANSI for crisp, detailed images. Each of the projectors in the series can also be fitted with the broadest range of high-quality lenses – all with true Intelligent Lens System (ILS™) capabilities.

The Christie M Series has something for every application and budget. Whether your application is in broadcast, business, energy, entertainment, government, higher education, houses of worship, live events, manufacturing or medical, choose the model that fits your needs and budget. Rest easy knowing all Christie products are backed by our three-year warranty and our industry-leading service and support.

Embedded Christie Twist™

Standard in all M Series models, Christie Twist™ enables seamless white and black level edge-blending of multiple curved images, faster and more easily than through traditional, manual methods. Controlled by an easy-to-use GUI, users can expertly control and edge blend or stack multiple curved images quickly and seamlessly. Images can be warped to fit virtually any dimension or shape display. Embedded Christie Twist™ ensures that all M Series projectors work with value-added accessories, such as AutoStack™ and AutoStack™ Premium.

Multi-window/screen processing*

Each M Series projector has the ability to send signals to multiple projectors (up to a 3 x 3 array)* without any additional hardware or software – lowering your installation cost. The projectors in the tiled array can then show only the portion of the signal that they need to project.
* Subject to input bandwidth limitations.

LCD Keypad

This easy-to-use LCD keypad includes:

  • Contextual menus provide a fully-featured, intuitive interface; removing the need for a cluttered keypad
  • Large, four line LCD display
  • Adjustable brightness and timed LCD off mode
  • Intuitive keypad design that lights up when features are active – making it user friendly
  • Active keys are color-coded amber to indicate that selections will result in changes visible to the audience.

Embedded edge blending and color matching

Advanced blending capabilities and Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA™) ensure digitally accurate color matching and uniformity across multi-screen blended or tiled images.

ChristieNET™ web interface

ChristieNET enables users to access all projector menus and controls through a web interface without disrupting the live presentation. This allows for real-time adjustments and monitoring of each projector on the network - regardless of geographic location.

Input Cards

In total, there are four input card slots available. Each projector is equipped with a standard set of input cards.

i) Dual SD/HD - SDI input card
The Dual SD/HD-SDI input card accepts both standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) serial-digital interface (SDI) signals, and enables the user to connect two of either types of signal. Both single-link HD and dual-link HD signals are accepted. This card also has two SD/HD-SDI outputs to enable “loop-through” for its respective input.

ii) Analog input card
The Analog input card accepts an analog video signal input over a 5 BNC connector interface. It can accept RGBH&V signals over five connectors, as well as component YPbPr signals on the RGB inputs.

iii) Dual-link DVI input card
The dual-link DVI input card has a 15-pin VGA connector for analog signals and a DVI-I connector which can support a single- or dual-link DVI HDCP video signal. The card can simultaneously support a digital signal on the DVI input and an analog signal on the VGA port.

iv) DMX512 interface card
This interface card supports the DMX512 communication standard through two 5-pin XLR connectors.

v) Video decoder input card
The Video decoder input card accepts various types of standard definition (SD) video, including CVBS (composite video), S-video, and component. It accepts NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.4, PAL, PAL-N, PAL-M or SECAM formats. This card has two mini-DIN connectors (for S-video signals) and four BNC connectors that can be grouped to allow combinations of CVBS, S-Video, YPrPb or RGB video sources.

vi) Twin HDMI™ input card
The Twin HDMI input card accepts two HDMI inputs and provides 12-bit deep color handling on the input. Additionally, advanced loop-through allows any input on any input card to be looped through to the two HDMI outputs on the card.

vii) Twin DisplayPort input card
The twin DisplayPort input card accepts digital image data from one or two DisplayPort inputs. It supports signals compliant to the VESA DisplayPort version 1.1a standard and is also HDCP compatible. This card also has two DisplayPort outputs to enable loop-through for its respective input.

Dual-frequency receiver

The dual-frequency (38 kHz and 455 kHz) receiver ensures the projector receives signals at increased distances between the remote and projector, and reduces the effect of interference from lighting.

Automatic shut-off

This feature lowers the cost of ownership by reducing power consumption and extending lamp life when the projector is not in use. In this mode, if a signal is not detected, the projector will slowly dim the lamps then shut off one lamp, and finally if there is still no signal, the system will go into standby mode. If a signal is detected during the ramp-down phase the unit will revert back to its full power, dual lamp mode.

Quiet operation

When your presentation depends on the full attention of your audience you don't want them focused on the noise from your projector. The filter-free design with auto-sensing fan and temperature sensors automatically adjust for the quietest operation possible.

Learn more about Christie's wireless projector control apps for iOS and Android or download the app for your preferred device.

Christie InControl
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Christie Virtual Remote
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M Series Upgrade - Side panel reusable content
Parnelli Award

Christie M Series has won the coveted Indispensible Technology Parnelli Award 2012.