Bowling Centers

Bowling and family entertainment centers

Modernize your center with long-lasting and reliable displays from Christie.

Make your bowling or family entertainment center an experience your customers won’t forget. Christie® offers visually stunning solutions that are easy to install, use and maintain. Choose from a variety of display, interactivity and processing technologies to transform your center into a dynamic and engaging experience.

Stunning visual displays

Create a striking visual experience for your customers with stunning high resolution display solutions. Christie’s long lasting ultra-low maintenance 1-chip DLP®, LCD and laser phosphor projectors install quickly, are easy to use and even easier to maintain.

Update scoring boards with high performance LCD flat panels for a vibrant display of names, scores and league leaderboards. Affordable and reliable, these display products provide the ability to inform and entertain customers using engaging content and high-definition visuals.

Dynamic interactivity

Turn empty space into interactive displays with multi-touch LCD video walls, a turnkey interactive tiled-display that will amaze and engage your customers. Sleek, lightweight panels allow for ease in maneuvering and installation, while maintenance and part replacement is simple due to its front-access mounting system. Most importantly, its damage and scratch-resistant properties mean you can place your interactive video wall in high traffic areas.

Christie MicroTiles, award winning rear-projection LED cubes, offer bright, rich images and vivid color. These hardworking tiles are more durable, reliable and serviceable than traditional display technologies and, over their 65,000 hour lifetime, will cost you less than most other display technologies.

High-performance video processing

The Christie Vista Spyder is a creative and powerful image processer that can be customized to your display needs. The system offers edge-blending for widescreen, single and multi-screen applications. The Spyder is easy to deploy and install and can reduce the amount of wires, boxes and rack space traditionally required.

Service and support

All Christie products are backed by our trusted warranty and support. Working alongside our national dealer network, Christie's comprehensive services team makes it easy to design, deploy and support customized display solutions that will revolutionize your bowling or family entertainment center and blow away your customer’s expectations. With our line of low-maintenance, quick installation products Christie offers the opportunity to customize your center while staying within your budget.


Learn more about our low-maintenance and reliable solutions

Limited technical knowledge? No problem. Christie has over 85 years of experience designing, building and installing easy to use and low-maintenance solutions. Get in touch with us today and put our expertise to work in helping to completely revolutionize your center.

We set it, you forget it! The Christie GS Series projectors are the ultimate low-maintenance solution. Eliminating the need for lamp and filter replacements, these 1-chip DLP laser phosphor projectors provide over 20,000 hours of low-cost operation combined with consistently stunning visuals.

To learn more about the long life benefits of laser phosphor illumination, download our free article: Shining light on laser phosphor

Enhance your space with interactive video walls

Create new experiences for your customers with interactive video walls. Learn more on how to effectively draw in audiences and hold their attention for longer periods of time with Christie’s display and interactive technology by downloading our whitepaper: Capturing attention with interactive video walls.

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By working with Christie, you’ll benefit from our industry-leading expertise and service and strategic partnerships with dealers and integrators. We know how to drive a project through to completion to fully support your display solutions. With a decade of experience, backed by 85 years of success in the industry, Christie has the expertise to work for you.If you would like to know more, contact us.

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